Who We Serve

Specializing in instructional design, Clarity is the leading provider of consultant talent to Fortune 500 firms and other large, global organizations.

Spanning Industries, Sectors, and the World

Our growing roster of satisfied clients includes hundreds of Fortune 500 firms, in virtually every business category you can think of:


Clarity’s corporate consultants represent a broad range of backgrounds, and have experience in most industry sectors. Our growing roster of satisfied clients includes the following:


The automotive sector is one of the largest industries in the US, employing 8 million people in companies involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Our clients in this sector include:

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance firms are continually challenged to develop strategies and tactics to manage risk, address new compliance regulations, boost investor and consumer confidence, accommodate demands for greater transparency, and offset weakened demand. Our clients in this sector include:

Consumer Goods

In the new economy, consumer product companies have to evolve rapidly just to keep pace. Whether it is the shifting landscape in big box commercial real estate or the integration of online efforts, companies need to forecast future trends while meeting today’s consumer demands. Our clients in this sector include:


Energy is fundamental to society’s well-being. Companies in this sector are under increasing pressure to maintain positive reputations while regulations tighten and energy expectations shift with concerns about climate change. Our clients in this sector include:


The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, given the nation’s ever-increasing senior population. As baby boomers age and their healthcare coverage needs change, companies will have to innovate to continue providing top-notch healthcare services and health-related products. Our clients in this sector include:


Deregulation, globalization, terrorism, and climate change have greatly impacted the insurance sector. Insurance companies must redefine what it means to offer insurance-related products and services, including life, property/casualty, title, mortgage, and credit insurance. Our clients in this sector include:


While growth in the leisure sector is fundamentally linked to the customer experience, this category is sensitive to changes in global market conditions and is highly dependent on physical resources (e.g., energy, maintenance, personnel). Our clients in this sector include:


The diversity of the global manufacturing marketplace and the variations in global cost models offer significant opportunities as well as risks. Our clients in this sector include:


The media landscape has evolved. Consolidations, mergers, and rapid technological advances have forced media companies to reinvent while adapting to change. Not an easy task, given the wide consumer base for media properties, services, and products. Our clients in this sector include:


Changing regulations and standards, downward pressure on pricing and increased globalization of supply mean pharmaceutical companies need to ensure leading edge solutions across all levels of the business. Our clients in this sector include:

Professional Services

Growth in “software as a service,” enterprise computing, and mobile communications solutions are changing the way organizations conduct business and engage with clients. The market is also highly competitive and price-sensitive. Maintaining market share and a competitive edge requires leading-edge solutions. Our clients in this sector include:


Pressure from tightening consumer spending along with competitive price deflation and cost inflation, are squeezing profits in this sector. Cash sensitivity and technology are changing the way that consumers buy goods. Careful investments to maximize customer satisfaction and retention are critical. Our clients in this sector include:


As competition increases, professional services firms are being challenged to provide customized and cost-effective solutions to a more astute and knowledgeable client base. Innovation, flexibility, and differentiated products and services are the hallmarks of successful firms. Our clients in this sector include:


With the introduction of wireless, streaming video, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, the telecommunications industry is experiencing rapid change. Companies have to manage their existing networks and equipment as well as prepare for seismic shifts in broadband infrastructure. Our clients in this sector include:


Transportation is a diverse and challenging sector. It encompasses air, road, rail, and shipping transport, and companies must operate in a setting of acute price competition and increasing cost overhead. Fuel and infrastructure, consumer choice, regulation, and environmental issues have a great impact on these companies. Our clients in this sector include: