Organizational Development

Implement Change. Improve Performance.

Does your company need help developing employees and managing change? Do you have a plan in place to ensure smooth leadership transitions?

Making changes in management, process and culture can lead to extraordinary growth for your company. But implementing change isn’t easy. That’s where Clarity’s experts come in. Our consultants will help you:

Identify and close gaps in your training and development programs.
Create or enhance your current diversity and inclusion programs.
Improve succession planning.
Prevent critical knowledge loss.
Improve your teams’ collaboration and efficiency.

Engage and develop talent that improves and sustains organizational performance.

Trust Clarity’s experts to help ensure your continued organizational success.
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Organizational Development Consultant Profiles
  • Axel – Senior Change Management Consultant

    Axel – Senior Change Management Consultant

    Axel is a Senior Change Management Consultant with over 16 years of experience in the Design, Development and Delivery of training programs. He has worked for clients such as Roche/Genentech, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Merck and many …Read More »
  • Laurie – Organizational Change Manager

    Laurie – Organizational Change Manager

    Laurie is an Organizational Change Manager with over 15 years of experience designing and developing effective learning solutions working for a variety of companies.Read More »
  • April – Professional Facilitator

    April – Professional Facilitator

    April is a Senior Learning & Development Consultant and Professional Facilitator with over 15 years of experience supporting a broad variety of clients in the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, IT, e Commerce, …Read More »
Our team has successfully helped implement enterprise-wide organizational changes for major companies including:

Organizational Development Expertise

Our network of resources and expertise can fill your organizational development needs with high quality talent at any time.


Define company-wide change initiatives, execute talent management and organizational effectiveness strategies and develop new supervisors with communication training and leadership coaching.
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Align your employee training efforts with your company’s mission, goals and objectives
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Create customized development plans and develop strategic talent management programs in order to make informed promotion decisions and gain a clearer view of your company’s talent needs at all levels.
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Analyze the overall health of your organization using needs and ethics assessments, curriculum design, process mapping and client SPC development. Create short and long-term strategic plans addressing training and development needs
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Develop project management tools to help your department work more efficiently.
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Determine your company’s core competencies and establish KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) qualifications.
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Diagnose performance issues and develop methods to address them effectively.
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Build trust with colleagues and managers and develop better communication and collaboration.
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Evaluate your company’s management structure and staffing with a comprehensive Span of Control model.
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Manage all change activities including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, organization assessments, change readiness and training. Facilitate leadership activities and knowledge transfer to employees.
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