Instructional Design

Improve Performance and Problem Solving with Better Training

Instructional Design: The Powerhouse of L&D

Behind every inspiring staff training session, engaging online module, and polished onboarding program, there’s an accomplished instructional designer.


Finastra builds Centers of Excellence for customer support

Clarity helps Finastra reorganize their customer support groups by providing highly skilled instructional designers.

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Better training = better performance

All too often, companies lack the expertise or resources to build effective and energizing training programs. No longer.

  • A core Clarity competency

    We’ve built our reputation on the strength of our instructional design expertise.

  • Consultants who know their business

    …and yours! An extensive network of instructional system designers is at the ready.

  • Multidimensional applications

    Whether you want instructor-led training (ILT) or an eLearning interface, you’re covered.

  • More empowered employees

    Give your team the tools they need to gain confidence and become future-ready.

  • Built-in accountability

    Clarity lines up talent for graphic design, animation, multimedia, and video support.


Does your training get the job done?

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do your employees leave training sessions energized to apply new skills and strategies? 
  • Are they inspired to seek out more learning and development opportunities?
  • Does the training move the needle on actual performance?

If not, your approach may be outdated, boring, or missing the target. Practiced Clarity instructional designers listen carefully to find the gaps and then get down to business crafting high impact solutions.

Infuse new technology & trends into your operations

If you’ve got a specific training need, we’ve got an instructional design consultant who’s been there, done that. Whether you’re preparing management trainees or getting new hires up to speed, Clarity helps link learning to performance. Plus, we’ll guide you on how to capitalize on new trends in social learning and learning technology.


Extended value across the employee lifecycle

Instructional design works hand in hand with performance management best practices.


The learning your leaders need to thrive

Develop a career-enhancing curriculum for high-potential and current leaders.

Employees learn more and prefer training designed by Clarity’s experts.

Give them what they want, and make your next project a success.

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Instructional Design Expertise

Our network of resources and expertise can fill your instructional design needs with high quality talent at any time.

Custom Content Development

Improve your team’s efficiency with custom-made, easily-modified learning modules that are aligned with your business goals and designed according to your requirements.
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Simulations - Clarity Consultants


Help employees explore new tasks, hone their skills and track and analyze progress using simulation training.
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Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Increase employee engagement, retention and collaboration with interactive videos optimized for mobile devices using HTML5 and xAPI.
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Blended Learning

Allow your employees to stay engaged, learn at their own pace and collect feedback quickly by offering a mix of online training and in-person meetings.
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Clarity Consultants - Micro Learning

Micro Learning

Quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap with bite-sized videos, reference guides, mini games and short interactive simulations.
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Keep your employees’ attention with high-quality, professionally-recorded audio lessons.
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Clarity Consultants - Gamification


Make your learning environment more engaging and reach your goals faster by incorporating badges, points, levels and progress boards.
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Skills Assessments and Quizzes

Establish checkpoints for your team and help them stay motivated with online mini quizzes and animated assessments.
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