Training Delivery

Accelerate the Learning Curve with Expert Training Delivery

Do your employees elevate their job performance after completing training? Are they motivated to apply the skills they learned?

Everyone learns differently, and specialized experts can dramatically increase the value and results of your training. Using proven instructional methods benefitting all learning styles, Clarity’s dynamic training delivery consultants:

Facilitate more effective knowledge transfer, adapting their presentations based on the audience and the nature of the training.
Conduct courses developed internally or acquired through an outside provider.
Develop the presentation skills of your internal training staff with our expert training techniques.

Set up your employees for success.

Trust our team to deliver better return on your corporate training investments.

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Training Delivery Consultant Profiles
  • Lisa – Seasoned Trainer

    Lisa – Seasoned Trainer

    Lisa is a seasoned Trainer and Course Developer with over 10 years of experience. She has worked for a variety of clients including Kaiser, Scripps Healthcare, and ADP. While with Kaiser, she was responsible for …Read More »
  • Axel – Senior Change Management Consultant

    Axel – Senior Change Management Consultant

    Axel is a Senior Change Management Consultant with over 16 years of experience in the Design, Development and Delivery of training programs. He has worked for clients such as Roche/Genentech, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Merck and many …Read More »
  • Ericka – Credentialed Trainer

    Ericka – Credentialed Trainer

    Ericka is a Credentialed trainer with 15 years of facilitation experience in both virtual and traditional classrooms for soft skills, new-hire onboarding, systems, and product sales working with companies such as Deloitte Consulting, Novartis and …Read More »
Join these top companies that upgraded knowledge transfer programs with Clarity Consultants, including:

Training Delivery Expertise

Our network of resources and expertise can fill your training delivery needs with high quality talent at any time.

Instructor-Led Training

Decrease learning time and increase retention levels. Add opportunities for learners to interact with each other and skilled trainers. Supplement the curriculum with engaging materials, such as student and facilitator guides.
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Improve learner confidence by providing opportunities to apply knowledge in simulations, games, role-playing, and other activities. Increase employee willingness to apply new skills on the job with consistent, immediate, and specific feedback when learning.
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Inspire leaders to fully embrace the organization’s vision for the future. Promote key goals like leadership skills and team effectiveness with personalized coaching plans for executives and management teams.
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Virtual Training

Gain access to experts and trainers from around the world, in real-time, with web and video conferencing. Foster and monitor engagement of learners using online discussion groups and social platforms.
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Train-the-Trainer and Training Certification

Deliver successful training sessions using current trainers and your own experts in sales, customer service, and leadership. Infuse research-based training methods into their teaching for optimal results. Clarity Consultants trains and certifies internal employees to function as classroom facilitators and on-the-job trainers.
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Training Coordination

Generate interest, track attendance and get monthly executive summaries of training. Manage all the technological and logistical details of training program with the support of a training coordinator
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