Clarity Consultants Success Stories: Clarity Converts In-Person Training Programs to Virtual Training

The Challenge


Our client, one of the world’s largest professional services companies, had conducted a variety of training programs, including on boarding training, in-person for years. This client hired Clarity to help transition their training to a virtual environment to benefit from the increased accessibility and scalability of virtual solutions as well as achieve cost savings. Our client also knew that rolling out training to employees in a virtual format would make the logistics significantly easier to manage.

Our clients imply didn’t have the bandwidth to create these virtual sessions internally and they didn’t want to hire full-time employees to perform the work since the training sessions were held on an irregular schedule. Our client needed the ability to scale the project up and down quickly. They were looking for a flexible partner that could deliver consultants quickly to manage and support multi-day training sessions. By outsourcing, our client was able to focus internal resources on core business activities while Clarity handled everything else.

The Solution


Clarity had worked with this client for many years before the client wanted to move training online. We had supported their in-person training, so they had full confidence in Clarity’s capabilities. They were fully up to speed on understanding the depth and breadth of our professional consultant bench. Clarity has over 25 years of expertise in placing elite learning and development professionals in high-demand positions, many of which were virtual roles.

First, Clarity created a strategy to put together the right team of consultants. For each training session, we deployed a team that consisted of a Program Manager and Learning Coordinators. The Program Manager oversaw the entire operation and communicated directly with our client, while the Learning Coordinators were responsible for coordination and production tasks. The five main duties of these consultants were to manage program communications, manage staffing of program facilitators, support planning for general sessions, provide support during training sessions, and manage questions and surveys. After the multi-day training sessions were complete, our Learning Coordinators helped with creating follow up reporting.

Over the course of many years, Clarity worked closely with the company’s facilitators to successfully convert many training sessions to a virtual environment. Much of our client’s workforce was not used to online training. However, Clarity’s consultants had deep experience with virtual environments and were able to facilitate seamless training sessions.

The Results


After success with the first few training sessions, Clarity took over all of our client’s virtual instructor-led learning programs. We received positive feedback from facilitators and company leadership that the sessions were as effective as in-person training. Going virtual allowed our client to increase the number of training programs offered and conduct them on a more frequent basis. Our client remarked that Clarity’s work generated significant cost savings that freed up a significant amount of their training delivery budget for additional programs.

Clarity was a great fit for this project because of our ability to scale up and down as needed. Our consultants were ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to help produce these training sessions. These successful engagements helped spawn a lasting relationship and Clarity now supports many other learning and development needs including Instructional Designers, Facilitators, and Executive Coaches.

Who We Serve

Clarity is the leading provider of learning and development consultants to Fortune 500 firms and other large, global organizations.

Spanning industries, sectors, and the world, our growing roster of satisfied clients includes hundreds of Fortune 500 firms, in virtually every business category you can think of: Apple, Dell, Google, VISA, Kaiser Permanente, Anthem, Verizon, COMCAST, Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, amazon, Target, and more!

Clarity Consultants Can Help

Whether you’re looking for an instructional design consultant, looking for help as you laying and implementing a strategic vision, or are looking for the best ways to utilize elearning and instructional design best practices, we can help.

Do your employees leave training sessions inspired and energized to try new strategies? Do they look for opportunities to extend their learning? Does current training improve performance?

If not, your training and instructional design may be outdated, boring or missing the target. Clarity’s instructional design consultants work with your department managers and executive leadership to:

  • Develop talent and performance management practices.
  • Custom-design engaging courses and materials.
  • Leverage the latest trends in talent management, including social media and mobile devices.
  • Integrate appropriate instructional design theories, such as the competitive assessment model and the coaching and development model.

Clarity’s instructional design consultants will help you develop learning programs your employees love.

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