Your Corporate Communication Plan Should Be Tightly Linked To Your L&D Strategy
Developing a tightly executed corporate communication plan that is part of your L&D strategy is a smart way to build consistency of mission and message across your organization. But it can be a challenge to walk the walk across all your organizational groups. The benefits of that consistency are numerous, and while it might take a little extra time to build in a larger group of stakeholders into the communication process (that would be your L&D team), the lasting impact is that of your employees being armed with the right training that will help support your overall communication strategy.
Here are some examples of why that’s so important.
Employee Retention and Recruitment
A really effective communication strategy is all about reputation, both internal and external. If you are having difficulty keeping your top talent, that’s an indicator that something isn’t working on a corporate level. Communication is critical to maintaining trust and buy-in of your employees because if they are not on board with how you are choosing to do business, they will be all to happy to let your competitors pull them in. But if you are able to create buy-in at scale through a complementary learning and development program that supports your messaging when it comes to your corporate goals, mission, and values, you will see greater retention and find it easier to recruit and onboard new employees who are then able to help you deliver on your brand promises.
High-Quality Employee Feedback
Communication is a two-way street. If you don’t regularly hear the feedback of your employees, the chances are that they don’t think you are open to change or improvement (at least not based on their input). This burdens corporate leadership with a false sense of security that can only take one or two crises to become a real problem. But if you are not actively seeking employee feedback, it is unlikely that you will receive much as many lower level employees hesitate to complain or criticize for fear of losing their job. Learning and Development programs build to support your communication strategy will help you request and receive that feedback in a strategic and straightforward way. It allows you to deliver your messages in a more individualized and personal way, while at the same time opening your arms to the feedback you need to hear. L&D feedback opportunities are a simple and effective process that allows your team to let you know what’s really going on, anonymously if they prefer. The most important thing to remember is that your Learning and Development strategy is an important element in your overall communication strategy. If you are saying one thing via your scaled communications, but not supporting that message in your training opportunities then employees feel that disconnect and will at best be confused, and at worst think leadership is disingenuous in their messaging. So remember that your L&D team can help you deliver your corporate messages at scale in an important and impactful way, so long as you loop them in early and often when you are building out your communication strategy.
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