The Benefits Of A Learning Culture
  From a business perspective, it’s critical to grow. That growth drives financial success, innovation, and helps organizations scale in ways that can deliver greater services and products to customers over time. But growth for growth’s sake is rarely a smart strategy. Growth supported by a culture of learning is what will help your company stay relevant over the years. That’s where L&D and effective instructional design comes in. The businesses with the strongest learning and development programs succeed because the entire culture of the company is encouraging of that learning and innovation on the job. When a business does not offer opportunities for learning and development, or worse yet does not allow for the time employees need to invest in those opportunities, it is all but impossible for employees to explore roles and tasks that are outside of their basic job description. It is not enough to offer learning opportunities. Your company must nurture and support the risk-taking and the time required to fully benefit from self-led learning as well.
Here are just three benefits of a strong learning culture that will help your business stay ahead of the curve.
1. Reduced Turnover
High turnover rates are costly for any business, so the opportunity to keep skilled talent around and productive for longer is a smart strategy. What better way to show your workers that you are invested in their success than providing them with the training and advancement opportunities that will help them shape and grow their careers? By supporting them in their learning goals, you’ll both benefit from the advanced skills and knowledge they’ll be gaining while also building their loyalty to the company over time by investing in their success.
2. Greater Innovation
New technologies and ideas are transforming industries every day. And it’s only those companies who are able to invest in learning those new technologies and making room for innovation and digital transformation who are able to meet the fast-changing needs of their customers. Allowing employees the opportunity to test out new ideas and try out new technologies is what will position your company for success in such a dynamic and competitive market. So make sure you are providing them with the opportunities to explore the latest and greatest industry learning experiences so they can bring that spirit of innovation home to their daily work and teams. You’ll be surprised what direction their new ideas can take your business.
3. Advanced Processes and Skills
A culture of learning is one that embraces thoughtful and strategic change. When it becomes clear that new skills and processes are required, it’s learning and development that will step up to make sure the organization is along for the ride. Avoid risking large-scale confusion and thrash among your employees by providing them with the information they need to be effective on the job. eLearning modules and other scaled learning opportunities are a great way to build learning into your corporate culture, while also making sure that every one of your workers are on the same page.
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