Keep Your L&D Flexible Especially Because of These Drivers for Change
Your ability to stay flexible, especially in your efforts for Learning and Development, are critical to allowing your business to have those quick-twitch reflexes to react and operate across different organizational landscapes. Businesses are a constantly evolving. That agility to meet the demands of the market head on are what make companies successful.
Meeting Changing Customer Expectations
Business is changing because customers are changing. Meeting their needs should be your top priority. If you are training your employees the same way and on the same topics you were even five years ago, chances are you’ll be falling behind the competition before you realize your mistake. The key issue is to recognize and solicit feedback from your customers and incorporate the necessary changes to meet their needs. Are they accessing your services in a new way, such as on their mobile devices? Do they expect customer service interactions through your social media channels? How are your employees prepared to meet those needs today? And how can you change up your L&D programs to help them meet customer needs tomorrow?
Training for New Technologies
Don’t let yourself become stuck in a digital rut by failing to train your team in the latest and greatest technologies. Do phrases like Cloud Computing and Big Data leave your employees with more questions than answers? If so, it’s time to branch out. The top companies are competitive because they offer the latest in high-tech tools and solutions. While breaking free of the tried and true systems and programs your team has relied on can be tough (disruptive even) the flexibility you channel toward rethinking your technological offerings can have significant return on investment for your projects and your business as a whole.
Teaching to Different Learning Styles
Many companies have come to rely on a traditional lecture or workshop style training formula. But just as teachers across the globe have realized, students don’t all learn in the same way. Some students do well just by listening or reading about a new subject. Others perform better with a more hands-on approach. Some professionals learn well in a group setting, while others will retain information better in a less social situation. Recognizing the different needs of your team in their developmental requirements will help you pivot in such a way as to ensure they are learning the new information, processes, or tools that you have found to be critical to their success. Make sure you are doing what you can to increase retention and actual learning by maintaining a flexible vision of your learning and development programs.
Are You Searching for L&D Professionals Who Can Help You Go Digital and Mobile?
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