The Future of Education

As the COVID-19 pandemic led to school closures, online learning was thrust into the spotlight. Many students were suddenly transitioning to remote coursework, an experience that was jarring for many and fraught with challenges for some. 

However, many of the difficulties were due to how rushed the switch was, as many schools had to scramble. The challenges also served as a lesson and will have a major impact on the future of education. If you are wondering what kind of difference it made, here’s what you need to know. 

Remote-Ready Will be the Standard 

While many schools will reopen in the fall, that doesn’t mean the institutions aren’t planning for a second round of closures. As a result, schools are attempting to make as many of their courses remote-ready as possible. That way, if they have to shift online quickly, they are ready to throw that switch. 

Students will potentially take similar precautions. For example, they may work to acquire the right technologies, such as a capable laptop and solid internet connection. Then, if they are required to start taking classes from home, they have what they need to keep their education on target. 

Online Learning Will be More Common 

While the in-person college experience certainly won’t disappear, more students will likely spend time in online courses than did prior to the pandemic. In some cases, this will be due to safety concerns. For example, schools may limit the number of in-person courses available to make social distancing on campuses easier. This would leave students to have to pick up those classes online if they want to participate in them. 

At times, students may even prefer virtual learning for specific courses. They may feel safer personally, or may simply find the approach more conducive for certain subjects. 

Additionally, this transition may reduce some of the stigma associated with online learning at the collegiate level. As it’s more widely used, the quality of the experience will increasingly align with in-person variants. 

Time Tables Will Adjust to Incorporate More Flexibility 

The traditional timeline for completing a degree may shift as a result of the pandemic. If COVID-19 continues to be an issue, many schools will incorporate higher degrees of flexibility into their time tables. This will allow students to keep moving forward while acknowledging the constraints created by the situation, reducing the odds that students will be unfairly penalized for events outside of their control. 

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