How to Input Personalized Learning in Your Training

Today, personalization is a feature in a multitude of experiences. Social media feeds adjust based on the user’s preferences, and video streaming services make recommendations based on past reviews and overall viewing habits. Most adults are used to personalization, so much so that they often expect it. 

As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach to learning and development (L&D) typically doesn’t make sense. After all, every employee is different, each having unique needs based on their role, existing knowledge, and more. With personalization, you can enhance the learning experience. It will be increasingly relevant and more engaging, leading to stronger results. 

If you are wondering how you can easily input personalized learning into your training, here are some approaches that can work. 

Recommended Modules 

One of the simplest ways to get started with personalized learning is recommendations. Many courses are connected to specific fields, specialty areas, and each other. As a result, you can create flows that allow the system to suggest additional coursework based on an employee’s role, department, or past learning experiences. 

This approach tends to have a high degree of relevancy. When showcase options that align with a position or department, there’s an automatic level of relevancy. Similarly, by recommending courses that logically follow previous ones the learner has taken, you create a forward path for additional skill enhancement and knowledge-building. 

Just-in-Time Courses  

Just-in-time learning is a methodology that automatically has a degree of personalization. With this strategy, coursework is presented based on what an employee needs to know at a specific moment. Usually, this involves answering a question that a worker has regarding how to complete the task in front of them. 

The reason just-in-time learning is inherently personalized is it is always based on right now. The coursework focuses on the requirements of the moment, not skills or knowledge a learner may need (or, at times, may not) in the future. The immediacy means employees are going to put that information or skill to work, making it relevant to them as individuals. 

Adaptive Learning Homepages 

Many companies have a single homepage for their online learning experience. As a result, it isn’t always highly relevant to every participant, as needs vary by role and department. 

By simply adding adaptive learning homepages, you can personalize this experience. Different options can be created for each workgroup, for example. Or, if you have the tech to support it, you can have the system review certain details about each employee’s profile, allowing it to display information that is uniquely relevant to them. 

Do You Need L&D Talent Who Can Personalize Your Employee Training Experience? 

Adding personalization to your training may seem like a challenging undertaking, but it can be done if you have the right L&D professionals by your side. If you need help from learning experts, the team at Clarity Consultants is here to assist. 

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