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The Top 7 L&D Pinterest Boards

We scoured Pinterest and came up with the top seven boards for L&D inspiration.

Most of the boards emphasize eLearning and technology and surprisingly, many of the pinners are outside of the U.S. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Amy Roche – Roche, an instructional designer at Penn State University, has put together a comprehensive collection of pins related to instructional design. From learning styles posters to infographics about educational technology, Roche has compiled a useful collection of L&D resources.
  2. Tim Tyler – Tyler, a self-described storyteller, training professional and INFP, has an L&D board that features the new ASTD T&D competency model, the Hermann Brain Dominance model and graphics illustrating Myers-Briggs types.
  3. SHIFT eLearning – This eLearning tool company has a number of Pinterest boards dedicated to eLearning. There’s one that features infographics about eLearning, a general board of eLearning resources and one specically on eLearning videos. Check out Amy Jo Kim’s presentation on game design.
  4. Tomasz Jankowski – Need a laugh? Jankowski, an eLearning designer from Poland, has a collection of eLearning humor to tickle your funny bone as well as salient examples of eLearning and a collection of eLearning infographics, including one that illustrates how the brain retains information.
  5. Nina Flippin –Flippin, an eLearning developer from Athens, Greece, has a diverse eLearning board, including a TEDtalk on creativity by author Elizabeth Gilbert, an infographic on eective voice-overs and a chart illustrating depth of knowledge.
  6. Martin Couzins – Couzins is the founder of UK-based LearnPatch, an L&D media start-up. His Pinterest board covers L&D and the workplace, including infographics on GenY, the psychology of music and gamication.
  7. Juan Antonio Ortiz Caturani – Caturani, an eLearning consultant, has a large following on Pinterest, and a number of eLearning resources on his board, including infographics about MOOCs, implementing blended learning and educational data mining.