Review of Top Authoring Tools for eLearning
Review of Top Authoring Tools for eLearning

If your learning and development (L&D) strategy includes eLearning, having the right eLearning authoring tools is essential. By selecting a great eLearning authoring platform, you can streamline course development and delivery, simplifying the entire process.

If you are looking for the ideal authoring tools for eLearning, here are three that are worth checking out.

Koantic eLearning Authoring Tool Review

Whether you want to create interactive slides, add quizzes, or integrate videos, the Koantic eLearning authoring tool has you covered. This authoring tool comes with a range of easy to use templates, ensuring your L&D team can hit the ground running. Additionally, your course content can be crafted with responsive designs, allowing it to be viewed on any device without unnecessary scrolling.

Koantic’s authoring tool also supports gamification. You can create branching scenarios, add questions, include buttons, and work in some pop-ups for slides and videos. The teamwork features make development tracking simple, allowing tasks to be assigned and monitored, and providing places for stakeholders to provide feedback.

Within the eLearning authoring platform, you can also track the success of your eLearning programs. This includes handling scheduling, enrolling users, and monitoring their participation and results.

gomo Learning eLearning Authoring Tool Review

gomo Learning’s authoring tool allows you to create media-rich, interactive courses quickly and efficiently. The drag-and-drop approach simplifies development, so your learning, development and eLearning authoring team doesn’t need coding skills to get the most out of this solution. Plus, the system automatically detects devices, screen sizes, and orientation, adjusting the content to make sure it displays properly.

With the iFrame asset, you can integrate third-party web content into a course, such as Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, Adobe Edge animations, Google Maps, and more. Multiple language translation options are also included, and gomo supports over 150 languages.

For easier tracking, gomo’s eLearning authoring tool makes spreadsheets and email trails unnecessary. The included tools allow for live reviews of courses on their servers. You can also monitor the full workflow and task assignments, all through the platform.

Coassemble eLearning Authoring Tool Review

Coassemble is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool designed specifically with learning and development teams in mind. Simultaneous authoring capabilities are part of the package, supporting a high level of collaboration. You also gain access to real-time feedback, ensuring that everything is as current as possible. Plus, this solution supports live edits and updates, giving your team the ability to make adjustments without having to redeploy a course.

With the drag-and-drop templates, your authoring team can quickly create new content. The eLearning authoring platform supports embedded multimedia, allowing you to create engaging courses with just a few button clicks. All of the designs are mobile-responsive, ensuring the content displays properly on a variety of device types.

What is the Best eLearning Authoring Tool For You?

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