Level Up Your Customer Service With Gamification

Most traditional customer service processes wouldn’t be described as enjoyable. Scripted chat messages, endless phone trees, and difficulties reaching an actual person often make conventional approaches tedious and frustrating for customers. Then, once they are able to speak with a representative, the customer is irritable and annoyed, making the experience more challenging for the employee as well.

Luckily, customer service procedures are shifting away from traditional paradigms. By incorporating gamification, the experience can be more satisfying of customers and employees alike, improving the experience at every level.

If you are wondering how gamification can help your customer service level up, here’s what you need to know.

The Employee Experience

Gamification allows a company to enhance the employee experience. While customer service is usually focused on the consumer, when the process is engaging for the representative as well, satisfaction increases for everyone involved.

At its core, gamification involves presenting your employees with challenges that are tied to rewards. The rewards function as an incentive, encouraging the representatives to exceed expectations when working with customers.

In some cases, gamification includes a competitive element. The challenge may be to outperform other employees, with those who are deemed the “winners” receiving a reward. Leaderboards and similar tracking methods allow representatives to see where they stand in the rankings, giving them indications of how hard they need to push to rise to the top.

Since “winning” or hitting a target is the goal, and doing so comes with a beneficial reward, employees are motivated to excel. The process is incentivized in a clear and understandable manner, and the representatives can monitor their progress with ease.

Integrating Gamification

There are a variety of technologies that can allow companies to integrate gamification into their customer service experience. However, the first step normally involves creating the “challenges,” typically by identifying key target metrics and setting thresholds that define success.

As the employee completes various tasks or accomplishes specific goals, their score increases. This gives them an immediate incentive to keep pushing, as the rise in score is motivating. Couple that with additional, more tangible rewards, and engagement and the quality of their work is commonly improved.

By introducing gamification into your paradigm, you can help your customer service level up. Not only will your employees be happier and more engaged, your customers will be too, creating a win-win scenario where everyone benefits.

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