Rich Media Is Pushing the Training Boundaries

When it comes to explaining how a tool or item works in real-world applications, traditional eLearning methodologies are often lacking. Luckily, those shortcomings are being overcome thanks to emerging rich media approaches that use high-resolution photography to add a new dimension to the experience. Plus, the interactive multimedia training modules are also working wonders when it comes to improving understanding of a concept and enhancing retention.

While these rich media techniques are often considered cutting-edge, they are becoming more widely available. Here’s what you need to know about the learning technology and how it is pushing training boundaries.

The Benefits of High-Res Learning Technology

Higher-resolution pictures in image-based learning provide numerous benefits to trainees. Employees can easily zoom into different areas of the photo and look at various items with ease and a greater level of visual clarity, allowing them to explore the pictured environment easily.

By being able to see the different items in an environment clearly, the learner can better understand how each piece fits into the larger whole. This provides context to what they are viewing, making understanding how each item plays a role in the total concept.

Additionally, relating the information to broader workplace experiences is an innate part of this learning technology approach. Individual items aren’t separate from the big picture, as is common with some other forms of training. As a result, the employee gets a better grasp of the inter-connectedness between items, creating a more efficient learning experience.

This rich media approach to training can be used in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, customer support, health care, product repair, and many others.

The Addition of Hotspots

High-Res eLearning does more than just present the big picture. Critical items within the image can be highlighted when the cursor passes across it. Then, with a simple click, the learner can dive deeper into that particular item.

The hotspots, when clicked, launch an information popup that can show a detailed picture of the item, informative websites, additional text-based details about its use or function, and quizzes. It can also be linked to videos, infographics, or anything else that may provide value. This makes the learning experience more comprehensive, ensuring that important notes are highly accessible within the main training module.

By tracking the use of the hotspots, you can also monitor overall engagement. Not only can you see which items are being reviewed most often, but also how many are being explored by each learner.

Ultimately, high-res learning technology is an engaging training approach that makes the information highly accessible while providing critical context throughout the experience.

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