Remote Workforce Training Trends
Here’s a look at the training trends that are making waves in 2020.

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how companies view remote workforces. Many businesses had little choice but to send their employees home in the early days of the pandemic. As a result, those that were previously resistant to the notion began to understand the virtues of telecommuting arrangements.

However, the shift also introduced new challenges. Many companies were ill-equipped to continue forward with their training initiatives, as most weren’t designed with the remote workforce paradigm in mind. Now that telecommuting is becoming part of the new normal, trends are emerging, including when it comes to remote workforce training. If you are wondering what is on the horizon, here’s a look at the training trends that are making waves in 2020.

Advancing Technology and Robust Tools

As remote work became a necessity, companies had to invest in supportive technologies that allowed employees to thrive while handling their duties from home. Initially, the focus was on productivity-oriented solutions, allowing businesses to fill in any tech gaps that became apparent when COVID-19 forced them to embrace telecommuting.

Now, most of those needs are addressed. As a result, employers can begin thinking about introducing robust tools and systems designed specifically for remote workforce training. This could include anything from strengthening video conferencing solutions to better support learning or implementing new online learning systems that employees can access remotely.

Companies are going to look for solutions that allow them to continue with their learning initiatives, even if a resurgence means workers have to continue working remotely. That way, they can stay on target and, potentially, ahead of the competition during these tumultuous times.

Telecommuting Training Comes into Play

An increasing number of businesses aren’t just concerned about making their training remote-friendly; they are creating materials specifically to help their remote workforce thrive. Telecommuting guides and training programs are becoming more prevalent in the landscape, giving companies a way to ensure their employees have the knowledge and skills they need to handle their jobs from home.

Exactly what the training entails will vary. Some may include basic overviews of how to log into systems or use VPN, while others will be more robust. However, in any case, this kind of training is increasingly being viewed as a must.

Integrating Collaborative Learning

Keeping employees connected when they are working remotely can be challenging. To combat the lack of interaction, many companies are integrating collaborative learning experiences in their training.

Whether this involves group projects, discussion boards, or similar approaches, the focus is on getting employees talking to each other. That way, stronger bonds can form, making them more effective communicators and team members along the way.

Are You Ready to Embrace These Remote Workforce Training Trends?

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