Updating Your Training to Support Your Digital Transformation
Updating Your Training to Support Your Digital Transformation - Clarity Consultants

While digital transformation has been on companies’ minds for years, the pandemic created a sense of urgency. In many cases, businesses had to make substantial technology changes quickly. Thus, effectively accelerating their digital transformation timeline as a means of survival.

Today, the situation is calming. However, many companies want to keep their digital transformations moving forward by updating their training. You can maintain your current momentum, ensuring that your workforce can adapt and make the most of recent or upcoming implementations.

If you are wondering how your learning and development (L&D) strategy and approach can make a difference, here’s what you need to know.

The Challenge of New Technology

Bringing any new technology into a workplace paradigm introduces challenges. While a portion of your workforce is likely tech-savvy and able to adapt with relative ease, many of your employees will initially struggle. Unfamiliar technology can be surprisingly hard to navigate, and any issues your workforce experiences not only breed frustration but also hinders productivity.

In many cases, the challenges surrounding unfamiliar technology are pervasive. The amount of time it takes to get a grip on a new implementation without explicit guidance can be surprisingly long, even if the solution itself is only moderately complex.

Often, trial and error isn’t the ideal approach and could even potentially cause harm. This is especially true depending on the nature of any missteps. Alternative options like expecting employees to research their solutions also come with issues, particularly because you can’t guarantee the accuracy of outside resources.

Ultimately, bringing new technology into a workplace always comes with challenges without the right plan for addressing them in place. Overcoming the difficulties can be a long process. Thus, resulting in declining productivity, falling morale, and even damage to your company’s culture.

Addressing Digital Transformation Challenges with Training

In the vast majority of cases, the best way to shorten learning curves and reach full productivity with a new solution is to provide comprehensive, customized training by updating your L&D strategy and designing reliable coursework. You can introduce your workforce to the latest technology in a logical way. This promotes quick growth, reducing confusion about how the tech works and how to make the most of what it offers. In turn, full productivity is achieved faster, all while ensuring your employees feel supported through what can be a difficult adjustment period.

Ultimately, robust training is an ideal method for overcoming digital transformation challenges. Plus, the coursework can serve other purposes, including enhancing new hire onboarding and providing refreshers when needed. This makes the investment even more worthwhile, ensuring the long-term success of the new implementation and your workforce as a whole.

Are You in the Midst of a Digital Transformation?

If you need support from L&D experts to support your digital transformation and create the training you need to streamline the process, Clarity Consultants wants to hear from you. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the L&D industry, Clarity can give you access to experts that can assist with your digital transformation. Plus, the Clarity team can serve as your L&D candidate search allies, enhancing your access to the top talent you need to thrive.

If you want to partner with experienced L&D professionals who can make achieving your digital transformation goals as simple as possible, Clarity Consultants is here. Contact us today.

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