Next Gen Training: What Next-Gen L&D Looks Like

Learning and development (L&D) isn’t just stepping away from traditional paradigms, like formal classroom lectures; it’s sprinting away at a record pace. Professionals are looking for high-quality information along with convenience and flexibility, allowing L&D programs to easily integrate into their day-to-day and provide them with value. If you are wondering what next-gen L&D looks like, here’s what you need to know.

A Mobile-Friendly Focus

Today, it’s all about mobile. Smartphones are becoming increasingly capable, and nearly everyone has one with them, practically at all times. By embracing these technologies, you provide your staff with L&D options that fit their preferences and overall lifestyle.

Not only can this lessen the learning curve associated with the platform, as nearly anything can be accomplished with just a few taps, but it also allows people to participate from almost anywhere. It’s the ultimate in L&D convenience, ensuring everyone can achieve their goals no matter where the day takes them.

Flexible Scheduling

Classroom learning is incredibly rigid. You have to be at a specific place for a particular amount of time, and that doesn’t always fit easily into a person’s day.

With next-gen L&D, flexibility is part of the paradigm. It gives employees the ability to take part during odd hours by embracing technology as the primary delivery platform. Workers can log in when they have time and watch videos, review modules, and even test their skills, empowering them to participate without restricting their schedules.

Bite-Sized Information

Social media has made people accustomed to receiving their information in tidbits. When you embrace next-gen L&D, you learn to facilitate learning by breaking down everything into small chunks, an approach known as microlearning.

Since the information is highly digestible, retention is increased. Plus, smaller modules supports flexible learning, as employees can jump into a section when they have a few spare minutes and hop out when something else needs their attention.


Video games are considered mainstream, and including certain features in your L&D can facilitate learning. For example, you can gamify training by adding achievements, badges, and the ability to “level up.” This allows the learner to gain more than just knowledge but add to their accomplishments as well.

Plus, depending on how you structure the achievements, it can also be a bit of fun. Consider integrating quirky ones into your L&D program that aren’t directly tied to a milestone, especially if they could remain undiscovered. This turns your training into a virtual scavenger hunt filled with interesting discoveries and could increase overall engagement with the solution.

Are You Ready to Step into the Now of L&D?

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