Next Gen Training: Corporate Training for Multiple Generations


Since each generation learns a bit differently, many companies worry that offering separate training options for each group is the only way to create an effective learning and development (L&D) program. The prospect of having to create versions for every generation is incredibly daunting but, luckily, it genuinely isn’t necessary.

Many of the innovations and training methodology updates that circled around Millennials and Generation Z can be just as effective for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. If you need to train multiple generations, here’s what you need to know.

Mobile-Friendly isn’t Mobile-Only

While 87 percent of Millennials say that their smartphone is always by their side, and many other generations also embrace the technology, offering mobile-friendly training options doesn’t mean you have to forgo other platforms entirely. Many mobile-oriented presentations can work on laptops and desktops too, giving people the ability to choose the technology they prefer. And, even if you want to be mobile-oriented, if your employees have access to large-screen phones or tablets, these can offer an experience similar to a computer screen.

If you offer web-based training, make sure to embrace adaptive web design principles during development. These solutions adjust the visual presentation according to the device, selecting layouts that create the best experience.

Microlearning Works for Every Age

Since Millennials and members of Gen Z tend to be highly involved on social media, they are used to getting their information in tiny chunks. This led to the rise of microlearning, an approach that makes each main point or topic its own learning module.

However, offering an L&D program that uses microlearning doesn’t mean you are alienating older workers. This delivery mechanism creates a significant amount of flexibility, so, if some of your staff prefer to sit down for extended periods to train, they can just go through multiple modules instead of only one. Otherwise, they can digest each tidbit when it is convenient, creating an adaptable learning mechanism that works across the board.

Training for the Training

The only area where older generations may deviate from younger ones involves using the technologies themselves. Many Millennials and Gen Z employees (as well as Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who have familiarized themselves) don’t need training to use technology, so requiring it is seen as a waste of time.

However, some older workers may benefit from having training available, so create a program that ensures they feel suitably up to speed. Then, make it highly accessible but completely optional. That way, if someone needs it, it’s available but, if they don’t, they can bypass it entirely.

Are You Ready to Launch Next-Gen Training?

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