Employee Retention: How Can Ongoing Training For Your Employees Actually Benefit Your Business?
In business, there is a consistent battle between working toward long term goals and achieving short term benefits. Learning and development programs are often front and center in the battle between these two priorities. But they are not necessarily conflicting priorities. Here are a few key ways that long term training programs can provide short term benefits for your employees and your business.
1. Access to Need to Know Info
Learning and development in the corporate context, strains under the misunderstanding that the benefit is only for the employee. Employers need knowledgeable employees, and without providing the learning opportunities their employees need, they often end up with stagnant workforces. Ongoing training is helpful because it provides ready access to the need-to-know information or updates to existing knowledge that makes employees more effective on the job. Think about how internal wikis, knowledge-sharing communities, and video tutorials might be easy ways to provide your teams with the need to know information that will make them more successful on a day to day basis. If they don’t have access to that information, they are inevitably making decisions in the dark.
2. Skills Growth
It’s common knowledge that employers are struggling to find the people they need who have the right skills to drive business growth in a fast-changing economy. But what many businesses fail to recognize is that so much of that information can be sourced and provided to an employee by their employer. No one knows what new skills are needed to do the job well in current situations than employees and their managers who are closest to the action. A company that recognizes that need early, invests in the training to keep their employees up to date in a rapidly evolving digital economy, and then creates a culture of learning where employees are supported and rewarded for going above and beyond their existing responsibilities through learning, that is the perfect blend of innovative thinking and long-term success (for both employees and their employers).
3. Stay Ahead of Competitors
One of the most important benefits an ongoing training program provides to a business is the ability to stay ahead of your competitors. All companies know that standing still will never drive your business forward. So make sure your staff are constantly advancing by providing them with the knowledge and training they need and supporting them in their learning journey.  Your company and your teams will reap the benefits and continue to move forward while others remain exactly where they are within the marketplace.
4. Increase Retention
As the title of this post should lead you to believe, good training programs can improve your employee retention rates. Employees are more engaged when they’re learning. And through continued investment in the success of their employees from the employers, your staff can have a much higher sense of job satisfaction and overall retention. Training matters. Investing in the long-term success of your employees matters. Make sure you are keeping them engaged and at the top of their game with a strong learning and development program.
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