Decoding the Newest Generations

Millennials are still spoken about like they are mysterious unicorns; as though they are rare sightings that are not fully understood. However, there are approximately 80 million Millennials today, and they are currently the largest generation in the workforce. In fact, the oldest members of Gen Y are actively moving into leadership roles, so understanding how they work is essential if your company is going to thrive.

If you are struggling to decode the newest generations, here’s what you need to know.
They Crave Training

Millennials seek out opportunities to learn and grow like no generation before them. What many older generations labeled as “job hopping” are actually attempts to keep moving forward, as members of Generation Y aren’t inclined to sit back and hope an opportunity arises.

By understanding their desire for professional development, you can make significant headway when it comes to retention. When you embrace next-gen L&D, you can create a program that harnesses one of their core motivations and helps them thrive.

Plus, since they are advancing into leadership roles, offering learning opportunities is essential. While many older employees learned core skills on the job, Millennials are more often asked to hit the ground running instead of slowly working into a higher-level position. By having a solid L&D program, you give your company the ability to mold the leaders of tomorrow while ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed.

Millennials that feel their employer are supporting their long-term professional goals aren’t as likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. Additionally, it helps your company develop a culture that other professionals will envy, making your recruitment efforts easier as well. Essentially, you are creating a win-win scenario, allowing you to achieve your recruitment and retention objectives while giving your Millennial workers what they need to continue to advance and accomplish their goals.

Classrooms Won’t Cut It

While many Millennials have college degrees under their belts, few would say that sitting in a classroom is their ideal way to learn. Instead, they embrace technology as a learning platform, often preferring mobile devices over any other mechanism.

By bringing in next-gen L&D, you can create mobile-friendly training that aligns with their lifestyle. Additionally, it makes microlearning possible, allowing them to digest information in smaller chunks, similar to what they are used to on social media.

Next-gen L&D also allows you to offer on-demand learning. Employees can increase their knowledge whenever the mood strikes or time allows. This empowers your staff to take control over their professional development, something that Millennials are almost guaranteed to appreciate.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap into Next-Gen L&D?

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