Are You Using Microblogging as an Effective Learning Technology Tool?
[feat-img-left]Your employees are often the single greatest training resource available for new hires. But sometimes, it’s hard to get that one-on-one facetime that is so critical to helping people learn the ropes. Even team members who have been around for a while can benefit from the crowd-sourced information available from a larger group of compatriots. Here’s how internal microblogging can tap into that well of information and how it serves as an excelent learning technology tool.
Understanding Microblogging
Twitter has been a huge success in the private sector in part because people love that quick-twitch response and connectivity the social network provides. But microblogging is about more than sharing selfies and describing what you had for lunch today. In a corporate context, micro blogging can be a valuable learning tool. It connects team members in a subtle and convenient manner that encourages the sharing of information, accountability and team engagement all just by the open nature of the platform. Employees with questions can quickly draw on the support of the collective team and old resolutions are easily searchable for individuals who missed previous conversations. The use of hashtags helps organize content quickly and efficiently enough for even inexperienced contributors to find what they’re looking for in the click of a mouse.
Micro Blogging Tools
There are a wide variety of microblogging tools available for businesses to use. Depending on your unique team needs and preferences, one or a few used in conjunction may be the right answer for your internal support needs. Instant messaging (through programs such as Skype for Business and Slack) are a great way to quickly connect employees with team members they need to answer questions on the fly. Video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are a great tool to archive helpful “how-to” and “lesson-learned” style tutorials. Twitter and Yammer networks are great for actual micro blogging that is both searchable and responsive to everyday questions and issues.
How Microblogging Works for Businesses
Microblogging provides a sense of cohesion and access to the support network that individuals can benefit from quickly and enjoy contributing to at the same time. Chances are your staff members are already familiar with using these communication tools in their personal lives. By harnessing that communication style and redirecting it to directly address internal business challenges, you are providing your employees with an effective tool for daily problem solving and increased self-sufficiency. Of course, you can’t discuss digital tools in a corporate framework without diving in to the topic of security. Governance and policy compliance should not negate the usefulness of the microblogging communication format. These days there are many programs designed specifically with those security concerns in mind. In fact, it is more responsible to use an enterprise-approved microblogging tool than allowing your team to rely on the public facing resources to accomplish the same goals and collectively use it as a learning technology tool. For more insight into how to bring your learning and development programs into the modern digital era, contact the Clarity Consultants team today.

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