Input Social Media Into Your L&D
[feat-img-left]Social Media integration can be a real game-changer when it comes to staying ahead with your learning & development efforts.  The flexibility and unique learning opportunities offered through social channels can be surprisingly effective. You might not immediately think that social media is a valuable way for your trainees to spend their time, but in today’s modern and highly mobile workforce, a new perspective on L&D might be just the spark you need to fan the fire of innovation. Here are four ways you can incorporate social media into your programs for real results.
Social Sharing
Social media has the unique ability to bring people together. We as people love to connect and share our experiences. What better way to level up your learning and development programs than with the added element of social sharing? Allow your students to share their experiences, their results, and their learnings with friends and co-workers via their social media channels to solidify the lessons you have invested in.
Unique Tools
Social media has many unique tools that can be incorporated into training programs. The communication methods used in various social media channels can be equally helpful within your lessons. Many, many workers are already fully invested in their own social media use. By integrating social media into their learning and development, you are drawing them in to engage more fully with the content. Think about Twitter’s capacity for micro-lessons. How might Facebook live be put to use to provide on-demand learning in a fun new way? There are many exciting tools that can be leveraged to attract and retain the attention of your students. Try a few to see which ones work best for you.
Learning On-Demand
Social media allows for learners to quickly access their lessons through a portal which they (and you) already have access too. Wiki content is another great example of how social media can provide access to learnings when and where your employees need it. The ability to share experiences and lessons learned among co-workers through a forum or community group is of very high value as well. A similar searchable knowledge base could never be created with the same scope, up-to-date information and cost-effectiveness as that created by the team themselves.
Building Communities of Practice
Students often learn best from other students who have lived the lessons they are being taught. Encouraging shared lessons and collaborative learning through various social channels can have a lasting impact on the abilities of your team. Communities of experts that interconnect on a more informal level (such as what is automatically created via social channels) can increase the amount of information that passes between contributors, improve collaboration and even function without concentrated integration effort. This is particularly useful for onboarding new employees who may not have ready access to the support of mentors which will ensure their success within the company. Don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a powerful and specialized L&D program? Reach out to Clarity Consultants today for some more fresh ideas.

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