How Can You Use L&D for Ongoing Employee Training?
[feat-img-left]Today’s hiring managers are fighting against an obstacle that has plagued the recruiting process for years, the skills gap. College graduates and even experienced professionals are lacking the latest skills and training that is required to meet the quickly changing demands of their employers. This is a very real problem that even big-name employers like Microsoft and Google are struggling with on a daily basis. That is why Learning and Development is so important. To succeed in a fast-paced job market, candidates need to have the latest job skills and education to make them of value to their employers, and one effective way to get that education is through learning and development channels. Employers would be smart to offer employees the training and resources they need to stay ahead of the curve.
Here are a few ways both needs can be met.
Virtual Learning
Virtual learning through MOOCs and online courses offers both employers and employees a great option for staying on top of the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world. MOOCs offer cost effective, learn-at-your-own-pace employee training modules that bring the trainee up to speed on the latest topics such as coding, business management and even virtual instruction itself. While not every MOOC comes with a certificate of completion that will hold tangible value to employers, the skills you develop and the knowledge base you expand will show employers you are serious about your career and providing them with the work product they need to succeed.
Social Learning
Online forums and communities are an impressive repertoire for learning opportunities and information resources. How often have you turned to a co-worker for advice on solving a problem? People learn from each other’s experiences quickly and easily. Providing them access to a large-scale audience of invested “teachers” helps employees to crowdsource information in the most efficient way imaginable. While it’s true there can be issues with controlling misinformation, people are more often than not willing to help to the best of their ability. Social learning draws from that good will and provides the support learners need to get the answers they’re looking for while encouraging team building skills. Drawing from community experiences to help answer the tough questions you have in your own career can help set you on the path for long term success.
Teaching Opportunities
What better way to give your resume a boost than to show you are considered enough of an expert in your field that you can teach others? Sharing your knowledge with others provides your audience with the information they crave and boosts your reputation as a skilled corporate professional with enough interest in the growth of the overall industry that you want to see other professionals succeed as well. By teaching or coaching others, you also learn about the difficulties and obstacles others in your field experience, and sometimes a student has a thing or two to teach their mentor as well. Training consultants are always looking for fresh and applicable anecdotes and tips to use in their courses. If you are interested in diving deeper into how learning and development opportunities can benefit your business, reach out to the team at Clarity Consulting today.

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