Learning Culture, Contagious?

Often, it is difficult to convince employees to prioritize their learning. Many professionals have hectic schedules and are striving for work-life balance. Couple that with eLearning courses that aren’t engaging, overly relevant, or user- and mobile-friendly, and it shouldn’t be surprising that they aren’t focused on learning.

However, if you build a proactive learning culture, you can increase engagement and participation. Plus, once it is in place, the desire to learn can practically be contagious. If you aren’t sure how to make learning an integral part of your culture, here are some tips.

Create Content for Every Learning Need

No two people are alike. It isn’t uncommon for the learning needs of one employee to be dramatically different from the needs of another. If your content is only focused on one learning area, then a significant portion of your employees may disengage because it doesn’t provide them with value.

Make sure your content is diverse enough that at least some of it is relevant to each employee. That way, everyone has something to gain, increasing the odds that they’ll be proactive and take advantage of what is available.

Update Your Content Regularly

Outdated content doesn’t provide employees with value. If the information is no longer accurate or current, professionals won’t spend time learning it as it isn’t applicable in your current environment.

Make sure to update your content regularly to address new information and the latest trends. This ensures that there are fresh course materials available on a frequent basis, making your program more engaging.

Choose the Right Delivery Approach

Many professionals today aren’t interested in lengthy, tedious modules that are only accessible on a computer. Instead, they want their learning content delivered in a way that feels familiar and is easier to fit into their schedules.

Adjust your content to be mobile-friendly, ensuring your employees can participate while on the go. Additionally, consider the micro-learning approach to make it more convenient. By breaking up the information into bite-sized chunks, it is easier to squeeze learning into even the busiest of schedules. Plus, it makes it more digestible, something that can increase retention and improve their level of understanding.

Keep Everyone Informed

You can’t expect your employees to take advantage of learning opportunities if they don’t know they are available. Make sure to spread the word about the training options, including new courses, details about accessing the system, and anything else that can make participating feel easier.

Additionally, let your teams know that your company views learning as a priority. When possible, create policies that provide them with time to participate, then share details about those policies with everyone.

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