How Training Programs Are Helping Companies Retain Employees

Many professionals have career aspirations beyond their current role. As a result, the majority view professional development opportunities to be a priority workplace benefit. Not only do training programs allow them to grow, but they also indicate that the company cares about its employees’ goals, something that most workers value. Additionally, training enables an employee to explore a new topic or acquire new skills, both of which enhance engagement.

Essentially, training programs can be critical for companies who want to retain and engage their best and brightest. If you are wondering exactly how learning opportunities can do that, here’s what you need to know.


While professional development was once viewed as a nice perk, expectations have shifted over recent years. As Millennials became the largest portion of the workforce, and Generation Z started to get a foothold, training opportunities aren’t seen as optional by workers. Instead, they are expected.

Organizations that fail to offer training programs aren’t as desirable, partially because employees may doubt whether the company cares about their professional success over the long-term. This is especially true in fields that frequently change, like IT, as workers may struggle to keep pace without support from their employer.

When employers offer training options, they aren’t just upskilling their workforce; they are investing in their employees’ careers. Professionals appreciate that investment and are often more loyal to companies that offer it, leading to increased retention rates.


Career development opportunities can be a boon for engagement. When professionals are faced with something new, they get to tackle a challenge, problem solve, and examine tasks from new angles. This makes their work experience more exciting, allowing them to break away from the day-to-day and explore something different, all of which can enhance engagement.

Plus, training gives employees the ability to make progress along their career path. Stagnation is often a hindrance when it comes to motivation, dragging down engagement. But, when workers can picture how they may be able to advance, and their employer is helping them make progress, that can boost morale significantly and leave them more engaged.

Ultimately, retention and engagement both increase when suitable training programs are in place. As a result, companies shouldn’t view these opportunities as side perks or methods for closing skill gaps alone. Instead, they need to recognize how valuable training is on nearly every level.

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