What Makes Clarity Consultants a Pioneer in the L&D Industry?
We are proud to say that our consultants are true pioneers in the learning and development staffing industry.  That’s because we specialize in the latest instructional design trends and have a deep understanding of how businesses like yours can benefit from the latest models and strategies available today. Here are a few of those up to the minute trends that can set your training programs apart and are a big reason why we are at the head of our industry.
Just In Time Learning
An exciting strategy in providing your team with the right learning programs is Just-In-Time training.  Just-In-Time training is a collection of on-the-spot resources employees can access to help them tackle tough tasks in the moment. The value of this kind of training is obvious, and can save companies substantially amounts of both time and money. But the challenge is in creating the programs that are most effective and provide the right information to the right employees. And that’s where we come in.
Micro learning is a powerful tool because it delivers the concepts and information that employees need in less time for greater impact. What micro-learning comes down to, is taking a complex skill or lesson and breaking it down into smaller, more consumable pieces. Think about how you can be challenging your team to learn new skills, while at the same time not overloading them with content that eats away at their valuable work time. Micro-learning is easier to create and consume, often with minimal cost involved. Consider working with one of our consultants to explore different micro-learning activations such as micro-blogging, group chat, and video.
Video is another exciting and interesting learning format that we love to help our clients explore. According to several different reports, video is increasingly becoming the content of choice for app and web users. It makes sense because video activates both the visual and audio senses in a way that copy and images alone simply cannot. It’s easy to see why – videos are engaging and memorable. They can contain smaller chunks of information that are easy to consume. They activate several different learning skills and enhance the story-based lessons that really allow learners to better connect with content.  The popularity of video is multi-generational and crosses several learner demographics. Given that, it makes so much sense to bring that medium into the forefront for your specific training programs.
Virtual Reality
What’s next on the horizon for forward-thinking companies? Virtual Reality training may be the learning tool that businesses need to bring their online training to life. It might seem out there for many companies, but if you are looking to provide training in extreme or unique environments or give your employees a look at what their future holds, VR is an exciting opportunity. With VR you can provide a 360-degree view of a workshop, of a specific place, or even have them interact with digital elements within their own workspace depending on the program.
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