Transformational Learning and the Impact It Can Have on Your Team
Transformational Learning and the Impact It Can Have on Your Team Clarity Consultants

How you approach learning in your organization has a significant effect on the success of your training programs and organic professional development opportunities. While many companies favor rigid, data-focused methods, these aren’t always ideal if you want to make a substantial impact. Instead, by embracing a methodology that focuses on transformation learning, you can foster growth in ways you may never have thought possible.

If you want to make sure your approach is having a positive and lasting impact on your team, using transformational learning principles is wise. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Transformational Learning?

Transformational learning is a learning approach that focuses on promoting growth by creating shifts in a learner’s perspective. The goal is to lead your team to reevaluate how they interpret various situations, encouraging them to challenge their expectations and assumptions and welcome the unexpected.

Since transformational learning is largely a concept instead of a hard-and-fast technique, using it means cultivating the right scenarios and environment for these kinds of paradigm-altering experiences. While that may seem dramatic, the situation that prompts such moments doesn’t have to be. Often, any new experience has this kind of potential.

How to Promote Transformational Learning

In many cases, fostering transformational learning means creating space for the right kinds of experiences. One way to begin is to encourage your team to share their ideas and perspective, allowing each member to learn from one another. Open and honest discourse can be incredibly powerful, particularly when no one is fearful of being judged.

Seizing other opportunities for exploration is also beneficial. Often, transformative experiences come from trying something new, so giving your team space to examine emerging technologies and dig into trends can be effective.

The goal should be to create opportunities for transformative moments. Precisely how this unfolds can depend on your organization. However, the process is rarely rigid, instead favoring organic, curiosity-driven experiences as a foundation for growth.

How Transformational Learning Impacts Your Team

Transformational learning can have a range of positive impacts on your team. First, it promotes an inquisitive mindset, something that can be crucial for innovation. Additionally, it teaches everyone to see the potential in new experiences and to remain open-minded. It may also make your team more comfortable with change, both internally and externally.

Often, transformational learning also fosters inclusivity. Your team will be more open to different perspectives, as they will see them as chances to explore something new. This is incredibly beneficial for your culture, ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Do You Need to Adjust Your Training to Support Transformational Learning?

If you need support from L&D experts to incorporate transformational learning principles into your training program, Clarity Consultants wants to hear from you. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the L&D industry, Clarity has the expertise you need to incorporate new approaches into your broader program. Plus, the Clarity team can act as your L&D candidate search allies, making it easier to access the top talent you need when you need it most.

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