Modern Technologies That Are Improving Learner Retention

Many companies focus on specific aspects of the learning experience. Employee engagement and the quality of the information are typically the highest priorities. However, another facet also needs to be on every organization’s radar: learner retention. 

Even the best laid out training materials aren’t going to help a company achieve its goals if learners aren’t able to recall the information when needed. Luckily, there are several modern technologies and approaches that have proved to be effective. If you are wondering what you should integrate into your training program, here’s a look at contemporary options that are essentially guaranteed to generate positive results. 

AI-Enabled Microlearning 

Microlearning has been making headlines for its effectiveness. The approach involves taking complex topics and breaking them down into highly digestible bite-sized chunks. 

While incorporating microlearning alone is beneficial, it’s possible to take it further. By also adding artificial intelligence (AI) tools, you can enhance convenience and information accessibility. For example, you can create a chatbot that learners can use to find answers to questions. Once they submit an inquiry, the chatbot can ask clarifying questions (if needed), make course recommendations, or provide clear, concise answers. 

With AI-enabled microlearning, you can make use of a just-in-time methodology, giving learners access to precisely what they need to know at just the right moment. And, since they put their new knowledge to work immediately, retention improves. 

Virtual Reality 

Many adults learn best when the learning is hands-on. However, that approach isn’t always practical, safe, or affordable, leaving many companies to assume that text- or video-based approaches are all they can offer. 

However, virtual reality (VR) technology changes the landscape. Learners can enhance their skillsets by taking part in practical exercises in a digitally rendered setting. It provides a hands-on style experience without the associated risks or costs. 

For individuals who learn best by doing, knowledge retention tends to improve dramatically using the VR approach. But even those who can learn well using other methods can benefit from the experience, as they mimic real-world scenarios in real-time, something that other options simply can’t do. 

Are You Looking for L&D Talent Who Can Incorporate Modern Technologies into Your Training? 

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