AI Can Add Value to an eLearning Program
AI Can Drive eLearning Efficiency and Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is giving companies new options for examining various aspects of their organization. Often, AI technology can increase efficiency in a number of ways, including refining your learning and development (L&D) program.

AI has the ability to help you create better eLearning experiences for your employees by identifying modules that don’t just align with their professional roles but also their individual learning preferences. It can also alleviate some of the administrative burdens, increasing productivity.

If you are wondering how AI adds value to your eLearning program, here’s what you need to know.

Creating the Best eLearning Experience

By integrating AI into your eLearning program, you can create a platform that adapts to each employee’s needs and preferences. Not only can it identify which modules are most relevant based on the staff member’s position and duties, but it can also make recommendations that align with their preferred learning style.

For example, AI technology can determine which learning medium offers the best experience to an employee. If a staff member prefers audio information, the eLearning system can recommend podcasts focused on key topics that align with the employee’s position. Visual learners may see recommendations that focus on infographics or videos.

Even the length of the module can be taken into consideration. Those that prefer to bite-sized learning can be presented with microlearning options while individuals who enjoy dedicating a longer period to training might be presented with a series of modules that focus on a core objective.

With AI, the eLearning experience can become more user-friendly, adaptable, and focused. This can make participating in training easier for employees as they won’t have to go hunting to find modules that are most relevant to their positions and preferences.

Eliminating Administrative Pain Points

Many L&D professionals spend a significant amount of time developing course catalogs for your employees. With the help of AI and by adding the proper metadata, this process can be expedited. As a result, users can receive recommendations that align with their roles and responsibilities while freeing up your L&D staff to focus on other duties.

Ultimately, your L&D professionals can focus more of their attention on developing an effective L&D strategy and adjusting priorities based on organizational needs. This can improve your ROI, ensuring your company gets the most out of the eLearning program.

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