Five Popular LMSs for 2019

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool that your company can use to deploy eLearning courses to your employees, track employee engagement, and measure course effectiveness. LMS technology has proved useful in the university world and is increasingly showing its value for the business world. It is on the cutting edge of L&D thanks to its power to measure training use and effectiveness across the enterprise. This article describes five of this year’s most popular LMS systems, to help you evaluate the benefits of incorporating an LMS into your company’s L&D program. The LMS platforms are listed in alphabetical order.


eLogic fits its name. It offers a logical, well-organized interface designed to deliver an excellent learning experience. This LMS features a merit badge system that marks a learner’s progress and helps to keep the learner motivated and on the path to success. eLogic is designed for painless customization. It employs integration techniques that help the L&D professional design effective training scenarios and deliver the training throughout the enterprise.

The Finances Online website – describes eLogic as “highly customizable and managers can personalize it down to the user-level according to the requirements.”


Moodle is an open-source LMS that is often at the top of lists of widely-used LMS platforms. It is relatively easy to customize, allowing the L&D designer to implement delivery methods and usage metrics specific to the training needs and goals of the company. As an open-source platform, it can be downloaded from the website at no charge. Support is available from an active and friendly community of users and certified partners.

As an open-source application, users have developed many plug-ins for customizing Moodle to a company’s environment and employee needs. It has rich gamification features that provide a reward system for learners and help measure their learning achievements. Moodle has received favorable reviews from many users at the Software Advice website.

In sum, Moodle is popular, highly-customizable, and flexible.

Saba LMS

Saba provides a widely-used LMS with many features. Along with delivering eLearning courses, Saba enables courses to be grouped into a set of courses required for certification in a particular tool or skill. L&D managers can track employee progress toward certification. Courses from external training sites can be incorporated into Saba.

The LMS also provides gamification tools that encourage employee interest and involvement, micro-learning, and video learning. Saba provides a comprehensive set of customizable reports that can track and evaluate employee engagement and course effectiveness.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a leading LMS platform. It is a popular solution to the challenge of reaching the learner in a manner that will better enforce growth. The platform allows for ease of use on mobile devices.

SAP Litmos provides detailed reports in a well organized system. PC Magazine – in its review gave SAP Litmos an “Excellent” rating. Fortune 1000 companies such as Adidas and YouTube use it. The pricing starts at four dollars a month per user.

Thought Industries

The Thought Industries Customer Learning Platform is an LMS designed for training customers, more so than employees. In line with its customer-facing goal, one of the features of this LMS is that it can be designed to match the look and feel of your company’s website or software. For training customers on a new software application, the application can be embedded within the LMS. No need for screen captures or simulations. Other special features include the ability to provide custom portals for specific customers; the ability to certify a user’s expertise with the new software within the LMS; and the ability to integrate revenue-generating methods such as selling additional products or modules within the LMS.

Thought Industries has received accolades from industry analysts. The Betterbuys website – writes that the LMS is “well suited for organizations who need to quickly and easily train and educate extended enterprise learners, such as partners, resellers, dealers and more.”

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