On-the-Go Training Benefits the Desk Jockey and the World Traveler

Today’s professionals put an increasing amount of importance on professional development. As a result, they prefer flexible options that allow them to easily learn on the go. While one would assume that employees who spend most of their time sitting at their desks wouldn’t be as concerned about the delivery mechanism, that isn’t the case. Plus, on-the-go training options can benefit everyone, including your highly mobile staff members and those that tend to stay in the office.

If you are wondering how on-the-go training benefits your entire team, regardless of where they typically spend their workday, here’s what you need to know.

Device Preferences

While most professionals aren’t opposed to working on a desktop or laptop, Millennials and members of Generation Z are more likely to prefer mobile devices over traditional computers. Many younger professionals have been using some form of mobile devices since before they reached adulthood, and they are incredibly comfortable with using apps to get things done.

Since most on-the-go training incorporates mobile-friendly designs, including companion apps, it allows companies to offer courses on platforms that younger professionals prefer. They can review content on a smartphone or tablet, even if they are at their desks, so it improves their learning experience by catering a bit to their preferences.


With on-the-go training, all portions of your workforce have some flexibility regarding training. For mobile employees, they can participate no matter where their role may take them. As a result, they don’t miss out on learning opportunities simply because they aren’t in the office. Instead, they can take a course while flying, staying in hotel rooms, or even waiting for meetings to begin.

However, mobile workers aren’t the only ones who get this flexibility. Your office-based workforce can also enjoy this benefit. For example, they can take a quick course as they wait for a meeting to start, allowing them to squeeze some training in when they have spare time. Plus, if their typical work area is noisy, they can move to a quieter location, ensuring they can focus on the module with greater ease.

Work-Life Balance

On-the-go training supports an anytime, anywhere approach to learning. It allows your employees to participate when it best fits into their lives, and that can lead to better work-life balance.

For instance, a learner can review a module while having their morning coffee, all before other family members wake up. Similarly, they can squeeze one in during their lunch breaks while they are away from their desks, allowing them to improve their capabilities without interruption.

Ultimately, on-the-go training benefits your entire staff, regardless of whether they are mobile. This makes it worth offering, ensuring your employees have the options they need to thrive.

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