How Training Relevancy is Driving Results

Not long ago, employee training options were fairly generic. At times, those who took part all had to complete the same courses, regardless of whether the material was particularly relevant to their job. In others, the available content was incredibly limited, leaving some professionals without options that could help them improve their performance or further their careers.

Today, the learning landscape is changing. Companies are increasingly realizing that training relevancy is critical if you want to drive real results. If you want to learn more about the impact of training relevancy, here’s what you need to know.

Job-Specific Paths

Companies that want to support their employees’ development and enhance their capabilities are creating job-specific training pathways to facilitate relevant learning. Instead of displaying massive course catalogs or requiring all learners to take the same courses, organizations are filtering options based on an employee’s role.

When a learner explores the system, they are first presented with modules that align with their job duties or professional field. This allows them to have a better experience, ensuring they can easily find courses that provide them with value. In some cases, these are also matched with formal career development plans, showing workers precisely what they need to know in order to advance.

With job-specific paths, you ensure that your staff is presented with materials that will help them excel above all else. As a result, the learner experience improves. Plus, the company will see greater boosts in productivity, largely because the content being delivered to each employee was selected to increase their capabilities in the most relevant way possible.

Session Optimization

Microlearning – where large topics are divided into bite-sized chunks – has created greater opportunities for session optimization. By ensuring each course is highly focused on the selected topic, you can eliminate extraneous information that doesn’t provide the learner with value.

Not only does this approach shorten the amount of time necessary to finish a module, streamlining your courses, but it also increases engagement. Since every session is concentrated on a single niche, it’s easier to take in and digest. Plus, it increases the overall level of relevancy, as employees don’t have to navigate tangents that don’t provide them with any clear benefit.

By combining the job-specific path approach with session optimization, you can create highly relevant training that will accelerate learning and improve the learner experience. Cumulatively, this results in gains both for the employee and the company, leading to a win-win scenario for all involved.

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