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success-story-global-pharmaceutical-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A major global pharmaceutical firm launched a technology transfer project. An entirely new training methodology was necessary for the project to succeed.

emeter-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

eMeter, a Siemens Business, turns meter data into useful information to help utilities and their customers make smarter energy decisions.

federal-bank-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity paved the way for a Federal Banking Institution’s formal succession planning.

Global-Internet-Search-Organization-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A leading, global Internet Search Organization and content provider asked Clarity for help in rapid development and deployment of interactive instructional content for a video sharing service’s Learning & Enablement Certification program.

zebra-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity supported Zebra’s migration to a blended learning environment.

technip-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity helped Technip anchor a new working culture within the company through innovative new ideas for improving the current eLearning environment.

2016-03-09-14_47_33-Explaining-Project-Stock-Photo-_-Getty-Images-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity’s consultant mixed on-site and off-site work to design a training platform that addressed both long-time and seasonal employees.

multinational-retailer-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity helps a multinational retailer emphasize training and development through a half-day training program called “Creative Risk Taking.”

bjs-wholesale-club-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Clarity enabled BJ’s to get employees up to speed with a SAP enterprise reporting project, support employee involvement, and promote new thinking.

quest-diagnostics-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Quest Diagnostics (Quest) is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services that range from routine blood tests to complex, gene-based and molecular testing. Clarity’s consultant helped Quest’s internal team turn raw content and learning objectives into a one-day training program that was challenging and fun.

smart-phone-store-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

The sixth largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States needed to change two of its billing systems because of a change in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.

business-software-leader-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

An industry leader in business software initiated several projects, including designing and developing new sales processes and sales training programs.

financial-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

PLS Financial Services®, one of the largest organizations in the check cashing industry, wanted to train its employees how to complete federal and state tax forms, so it decided to convert its existing instructor-led training to a self-paced eLearning format.

mcdonalds-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

McDonald’s Corporation (McDonald’s), the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, implemented a new learning content management system (LCMS), but needed to develop new templates, style sheets, and writing guidelines to facilitate migrating content to the new system.

ca-tech-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

CA Technologies, an industry leader in information technology (IT), needed to migrate a large document set from FrameMaker® to AuthorIt® after acquiring a business group.

global-pharm-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A global pharmaceutical company needed to streamline its product launch process to improve its time to market. Management realized that redesigning the process would improve workflow, facilitate communications across departments, and reduce product launch costs.

fortune-500-bank-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A FORTUNE® 500 financial services company merged with the wealth management division of another financial services company and needed to train its newest employees on the company’s core trading system.

air-weigh1-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Air-Weigh, a technology solutions provider for the transportation industry, needed to improve the manuals for its post-sales support. Air-Weigh is a small, agile company and did not have the in-house expertise to make the necessary improvements.

global-insurance-company-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A leading international insurance company’s vigorous growth had caused many of its policies and procedures to become outdated and inconsistently formatted.

aaa-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

AAA, the world’s largest emergency road service provider and the nation’s largest travel agency, wanted to reduce travel costs by converting its five-day instructor-led training for Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) agents to a blended learning format.

unified-grocers-case-study-2-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Unified Grocers, the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative in the western United States, wanted to distribute mission-critical company information online. Management decided to use SharePoint® to implement this strategy.

valleycrest-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

ValleyCrest Companies, the largest integrated landscape services provider in the country, initiated a substantial project to improve productivity by applying the principles of lean production. The project goal was to eliminate waste in the company’s business processes.

granite-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

Granite Construction (Granite), one of the largest civil contractors and construction material producers in the United States, wanted to get its managers up-to-speed on the latest in leadership development training.

allied-barton-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

AlliedBarton Security Services (AlliedBarton), the largest American-owned security officer services company, wanted to convert its instructor-led training programs to an eLearning format so that training would be accessible to employees across the country.

waste-services-case-study-200x200 Insights - Success Stories

A technical writer was needed to write new online help for a leading waste services company that upgraded its internal technology systems with new software.

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