The Challenge

Creating a Combined DEI + Leadership Program

Our client is a large network of hospitals, clinics and home care services in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. They wanted to create a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) curriculum at three levels:  
  • Foundational information
  • Understanding and recognizing biases
  • Anti-racism
The initial plan was to develop a program for the health network’s 35,000 administrative employees but was expanded to include clinical staff who work directly with patients. The client wanted a program that showed a clear connection between the company’s core values and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Rather than developing a stand-alone DEI program, they wanted to thread relevant content throughout their leadership model. They did not have an existing leadership program but wanted this diversity, equity, and inclusion program to include leading at the organizational level, leading teams, and leading self.

The Client’s Unique Needs Required a Custom Solution

The client had looked at vendors with “off-the-shelf” solutions. However, they found the materials with generic content did not align with her vision of weaving DEI topics into leadership development concepts. These solutions were also expensive because materials had to be purchased per participant.

The Solution

Clarity Developed a Program that Interlaced Leadership + DEI

Working closely with the client’s internal project manager and interim CHRO, the Clarity DEI Consultant created a basic leadership program that incorporated DEI principles. The instructor-led program included five modules with PowerPoint presentations and leader guides. The Clarity DEI consultant also provided train the-trainer sessions for the client’s internal instructors who will facilitate the program.

A Three-Phased Program was Implemented

Phase One. Review the client’s existing leadership development content to decide what should be included in the new program. Phase Two. Design and build the program with input and reviews from the client’s internal team. Phase Three. The final phase was a “train-the-trainer” to teach the material to the client’s internal team of twelve facilitators.

The Result

DEI Program Generated Excitement, Engagement + Positive Feedback

There was a lot of employee “buzz” and excitement about the program. It was initially oversubscribed because many people were “clamoring” to sign up for the training. There was also a lot of positive feedback about the thoughtfulness put into the design and “look” of the program.

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