Clarity Helps Streamline an Insurance Giant


A leading international insurance company’s vigorous growth had caused many of its policies and procedures to become outdated and inconsistently formatted.


The client needed to standardize the format of its claims processing and operations policies and procedures.

The documentation was used in instructor-led training and online help files. Because of the project scope, Clarity provided a team of instructional designers and technical writers who had experience defining, developing, and implementing corporate policies and procedures.


Working closely with subject matter experts, the Clarity consulting team identified the existing policies and procedures in the company’s operations and claims processing units.

The technical writers then wrote procedure documentation that could be used for both reference and training. They also created templates to ensure consistency and provide a ready-made format to capture new policies and procedure changes. The instructional designers created training materials for new hires and existing employees. To ensure consistency, the training materials and the procedure documentation used the same templates.

Employees received online access to the company’s policies and procedures. After the initial phases of the project were completed, several consultants were asked to help the company analyze other business processes. These consultants not only assisted with defining these processes, but they also taught internal managers and employees how to complete such tasks using the new templates.

Clarity enabled the client to:

  • Provide critical documentation to employees.
  • Use a standardized template for new policies and procedures.
  • Benefit from interactions with Clarity’s consultants as internal L&D employees learned new skills.

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