The Challenge

Navigating Healthcare Sales in a Dynamic World

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare sales, a leading company faced a formidable challenge. Their Endovascular and Coronary Salesforce was a dynamic force, but to truly succeed in representing their brand and navigating the complex healthcare landscape, they needed a salesforce that was not only job-ready but also deeply engaged. Additionally, they aspired to equip their sales teams with the skills and leadership capabilities necessary to rise to new heights in their careers. This was the backdrop for this ambitious mission.   The company recognized that to achieve these goals, they needed customized training programs tailored to the specific roles of their salesforce: Clinical Specialists, Account Managers, and Sales Managers. This training had to be adaptable to busy schedules, accessible on multiple devices, and capable of being completed in diverse settings, from home offices to doctor’s waiting rooms. Moreover, this endeavor was set against the backdrop of a global pandemic that added further stress and constraints on healthcare workers and sales staff.   Before seeking external assistance, the company identified 50 competencies essential for personal effectiveness and leadership within their salesforce. These competencies were carefully categorized to align with each role’s requirements. The company also intended to draw from a plethora of resources, including LinkedIn Learning, TED Talks, podcasts, LMS courses, and corporate learning and development courses. Given the sheer scale of the project, it became evident that the company’s internal resources were insufficient for such an extensive undertaking.  

The Solution

Revolutionizing Salesforce Capabilities with Clarity

The company partnered with Clarity, a seasoned consultancy, to tackle this monumental challenge head-on. Together, they embarked on a comprehensive journey to revamp the salesforce’s capabilities.   Competency Assessment: Clarity collaborated closely with the company to scrutinize and vet the identified competencies. They delved into what behaviors were required and aligned these with leadership’s expectations.   Role Profiling: Profiles for each role were meticulously developed. This included defining responsibilities, necessary skills, background requirements, career progression, and even a glimpse into a typical day in the life of each role.   Learning Platform Selection: Clarity helped the company select the most effective learning platforms, enabling efficient training assessment and ensuring that participants received due credit and recognition for their efforts.   The outcome of this initial assessment was nothing short of groundbreaking. Clarity’s consultants worked diligently to map out courses for each competency, tailored to each specific role. The result was a comprehensive 1-5 year training program designed to nurture personal effectiveness and leadership across all three roles while facilitating career progression.   The program, comprised a hundreds courses thoughtfully organized into many learning pathways, spanning durations up to two years. Each course was meticulously crafted to align with the 50 identified competencies.

The Result

Empowering Excellence in Sales and Leadership

The company’s sales program was a resounding success. It transformed their salesforce into a well-prepared, engaged, and uniform representation of the company’s brand. Sales personnel could now access flexible, just-in-time training on their laptops, phones, or tablets, regardless of their location. This flexibility proved invaluable, especially during the trying times of the global pandemic.   By collaborating with Clarity, the company not only addressed their initial challenges but also empowered their salesforce to excel in their roles and grow as leaders within the organization. The program became a beacon of success within the company, demonstrating how a proactive approach to employee development could yield remarkable results, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.  

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