The Challenge

Making Cloud-Based AI Accessible to Consumers

This client is a major provider of cloud computing and storage services. To showcase and promote its cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) computing service, the client has developed a miniature vehicle that can be programmed by its AI software to drive itself. The AI program is powerful, sophisticated, and leading-edge. Consumers buy the vehicle and learn its AI programming on the company’s website. They can compete with other programmers in company-sponsored competitions to see who has programmed the vehicle to maneuver itself most successfully along a miniature track. The client’s challenge was to make its AI training understandable and accessible to the interested consumer, while promoting its AI cloud service.  

The Solution

Enhancing AI Training

The Clarity consultant who worked with this client was an eLearning specialist with significant experience developing training on cutting edge technologies including big data, the internet of things, and blockchain. The client felt that a strong benefit for this project was his skill in developing training for advanced technical topics. The consultants work included designing the visuals for the presentation of the technical material. Telling the story in pictures and words helps make abstract programming concepts concrete, enhancing comprehension, critical for programmers new to AI development. The consultant also worked closely with the client’s computer scientists and engineers to test and adjust the training so that it worked properly in every type of browser which the client’s target users were likely to use. It was essential that the training function perfectly in every browser.

The Result

Market Awareness Soars for AI

The program is meeting the client’s goals. Consumers are successfully programming AI using the client’s cloud storage and programming technology, evidenced by the success consumers have had in programming their miniature vehicles in competitions. Working with the client, the Clarity consultant has developed training that enables motivated non-specialists to program AI in the cloud and implement the software successfully in the real world. This project has increased market awareness of the client’s AI cloud services and how they can be leveraged to meet business challenges.

Breakout Quotes from Consultant

“Clarity is well known for providing exceptional talent. That’s why this leading cloud services provider reached out to Clarity.”

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