Use L&D to Build a Culture of Support For Your Business Strategy
Your learning and development programs can be an amazing source of support for your business strategy. They offer a way for leadership to nurture and shape the minds and culture of the employees who will be the foundation of the business in the coming years. Here are just a few examples of how you can gain support for your unique vision and strategy by weaving it in to the professional development programs your company sponsors. Build a Culture of Support
1. Set Clear Goals
When drafting the mission and goals of your learning and development programs, keep your overall business vision in mind. If you are clear about how you want the future of your company to look, those goals can be easily reflected in the training, the education, and the messaging your employees receive through the program. Identify what lessons you are most invested in them learning, and tie those lessons in with the overall direction your business is heading. Those clear expectations and high quality communication efforts will help you define the future in a way that all employees can support.
2. Offer Relevant Training
If you are looking to invest in employees who have the technological skills you think they will need to succeed in the future, you had better consider that in the learning and development programs you offer. By offering to teach the skills and knowledge that you know your team will need in order to align their skills with the long-term goals of the company, they will be that much more supportive of your long term strategy because they will be better prepared to address those needs. Think about what your ideal workforce will look like this year, in five years, and even ten years down the line. Are you offering the training that they need to meet your expectations and bring your vision to life? Make sure you are nurturing a supportive workforce by providing them with the support, the resources, and the tools they will need to back you and your venture.
3. Identify Candidates for Succession
Every company has a number of rock star employees who management identifies to be likely picks for leaders within the organization. Succession planning is important to fostering the culture of support you need to keep your team and your business on track. Learning and development programs offer an exciting opportunity to identify and encourage the leadership skills that you expect to see from managers and high performing professionals in the years to come. Keep them in mind when you design your training programs, and when possible, solicit feedback from those key individuals to include them in the process of building your most supportive culture.
4. Learning and Development Opportunities for Growth
Think of your L&D program as your chance to grow your ideal workforce, to ensure that you have the support and understanding you need to accomplish your goals for the company in coming years. For more advice on how to craft the ideal learning path for your employees, reach out to Clarity Consultants today.

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