Women in L&D Leadership: The Benefits of Inclusive Learning Designs
Inclusivity is a term that we’re hearing more and more. This is a good thing, because when it comes to the diversity conversation, diversity highlights what makes us different, but inclusion brings us together. Many companies struggle with this concept, and even while they strive to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, find themselves fighting to achieve their goals. Within the learning and development community, we see the importance of inclusivity with very clear focus. Here are just some of the benefits of incorporating inclusive learning designs into your curriculum.
Help Realize Change
A more diverse workforce is a positive thing because a work culture succeeds where uniqueness of belief, background, talent, capability, and way of life are encouraged and leveraged for learning and making better business decisions. The world is not homogenous, and the workforce in order to create the solutions and products that the world consumes, needs to reflect that worldview and experience. By creating more inclusive learning designs, which cater to people of a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, we are better able to help the industry realize the necessary change that will drive business forward.
Incorporate Diversity Principles Across Business Functions
Businesses can often suffer from the chimney effect, where each business group sticks to their own and rarely do conversations or business strategies cross disciplines. Except in the case of learning and development. Every employee who goes through a corporate training program is connected, and that is how we can incorporate diversity principles into the very backbone of a company.
Create Opportunities for Cross-Generational Teams and Interactions
Similarly as when professionals engage with others in similar roles and responsibilities, there is real opportunity to stimulate new thinking and greater possibilities by blending generations. Remember that inclusivity means opening the conversation to individuals of all generations as well as genders and cultures. Imagine the powerful conversations that can come from a team of Millennials and Boomers, Gen X and even Gen Z, if they are given the chance to learn together.
Invested Team Building and Inclusive Leadership
When the learning opportunities are open to all within a corporate setting, the potential for team leaders and thought leaders expands in an exciting way. Just think about the people, the professionals, the potential leaders in the world who have stepped aside simply because they were not encouraged to step forward. Learning and development programs are an opportunity for companies to encourage the best and the brightest to lead the way, and they can only support that movement through an inclusive program that allows and even rewards differences in experience and background.

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