Engage Your Team Through Problem Solving In Corporate Learning
Corporate learning provides a unique opportunity to engage your employees. When it comes to team building, that engagement can mean everything. Engaged problem solving within a learning environment is a uniquely powerful tool. Here are 3 ways you can encourage team building and better communication through your corporate learning programs.
1) Team Building and Management Programs
Team building is a skill, but it’s not one that necessarily comes naturally to employees. While it’s great when your team just “clicks”, sometimes it takes a little time and effort to get to great. Team building exercises and training can really help with motivating employees, help them work better together, and teach them the skills they need to succeed together. The best courses on team-building and team management cover a wide range of topics, all with the objective of getting people to bring out the best in each other. Programs provide a clear understanding of team dynamics, personality types, communication styles, and insights into various work style types and how they interact. By learning what makes a great team, you will be better prepared to resolve conflicts and solve problems in the moment.
2) Conflict Resolution
Problem solving often relies heavily on communication and conflict resolution, that’s why this sort of training is so helpful in a corporate environment. Whether it’s helping clients work through an issue, or dealing with confrontation in the workplace, conflict resolution training provides employees with the tools they need to make the most of a bad situation and solve problems on the fly. Conflict resolution training often covers successful strategies for conflict management, emotion management through highly charged situations, and how to reestablish positive relationships even with difficult personalities. If you are looking for the tools to help your team through tough situations, conflict resolution training is very helpful.
3) Unconscious Bias
A great many problems arise from the stereotypes that exist in our subconscious and affect our behavior. In order to mitigate those problems, many companies (including big names like Google) have employees attend training on identifying and working with unconscious bias. These training sessions start by explaining how biases can lead to changes in behavior, where these biases come from, and how they can work to our disadvantage in a modern work environment. The training also covers a variety of methods individuals can use to overcome unconscious bias, such as using structure to gauge success, measuring results, evaluating subtle messages, and holding everyone accountable. Training in how to recognize and act against unconscious bias can help alleviate issues of discrimination in the workplace, create better interview environments, limit microaggressions, and boost the overall morale of individuals on the team undergoing training.
Experience the Difference of Working With Clarity
It’s these types of learnings and many others that will provide your employees with the tools they need to solve problems on the job. While many companies actively seek out the skilled problem solvers to hire into their workforce, there is real benefit to training your existing team to solve the problems they deal with on a daily basis.

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