What Is Microcontent and How Can It Help Your Company Adapt Quicker
Many companies can only thrive if they can adapt to changing conditions quickly. Since many training approaches don’t prioritize speed, many organizations assume that it’s challenging – if not impossible – to share critical details widely in short order. However, incorporating microcontent into your approach, it’s often far more straightforward than you’d expect. If you aren’t familiar with microcontent and want to learn how it can help your company adapt quicker, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Microcontent?

Microcontent is an approach to delivering information, relying more on small tidbits than lengthy pieces. The strategy is prevalent on social media due to the fast-paced nature of the platforms. However, it can also work well in the training landscape. Usually, microcontent is particularly well-suited for mobile device delivery. Whether it’s a short social media post or a text message, all of the information is typically viewable without scrolling or clicking to see more. It’s a highly digestible and convenient approach, allowing participants to get the core message in seconds, all with a glance. Plus, the strategy focuses on shareability. It’s easy to forward the information to others who can benefit from it or present it to colleagues quickly. In some cases, it may also encourage social learning since it’s easy to send the information to others, creating opportunities for further engagement with fellow learners.

How Microcontent Helps Companies Adapt Quicker

One of the benefits of microcontent is speed. This isn’t material that takes a long time to develop. Instead, it’s usually limited to just a few focused sentences, ensuring a single point is conveyed as fast and clearly as possible. By its inherent nature, it makes the shared information highly digestible. As a result, learners can incorporate the tidbit into their approach sooner. Additionally, the shareability of microcontent encourages wider dissemination. Forwarding the information to colleagues who can also benefit from it is easy. Additionally, since the core concept is often straightforward, it may encourage in-person sharing, essentially functioning as a talking point that spurs more in-depth discussions. Together, this allows new details to work their way through an organization rapidly. That increases the likelihood that teams are properly informed about changes or tips that influence how they work. In turn, agility improves, allowing the organization to shift its strategy far faster than other content delivery approaches.

Do You Want to Incorporate Microcontent into Your Approach?

Microcontent is a simple concept, but it does require some skill to use effectively. By correctly incorporating it into your strategy, you can enhance operational agility while improving other training outcomes and boosting learning efficiency. If you’re ready to integrate microcontent into your training, having a skilled learning and development (L&D) professional by your side makes a difference. At Clarity, we have nearly 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to update your virtual leadership training efficiently. Plus, if you’re trying to expand your internal L&D team, Clarity can be your candidate search ally, connecting you with top talent right when you need them. If you want to partner with leading L&D professionals, Clarity Consultants is here. Contact us today. This is 12 1  

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