What Are the Red Flags for Identifying Training That Didn’t Work?

When you invest in your learning and development (L&D) program, you want to gain positive results. However, not all training pans out. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

Figuring out whether your training is ineffective isn’t always easy. However, there are some red flags that could signal a problem. If you want to determine whether your program is working, here’s what you need to monitor.


Usually, effective training leads to a productivity boost. Workers acquire new skills or are more confident in their abilities, allowing them to thrive in their positions.

However, if your training wasn’t engaging or didn’t cover a knowledge area that empowered your employees, you won’t see a productivity boost. In fact, you might even see their outputs tumble.

If your training program isn’t leading to some form of productivity gain, it is time to revamp course. Otherwise, you’ll just be investing more into something that clearly isn’t working.


Top performers generally crave opportunities to grow professionally. They favor employers who offer robust and engaging training options, as those programs can help them achieve their career goals, remain feeling challenged, and keeping them moving forward.

If your learning approach is working, turnover tends to improve. Fewer employees will head toward the door thanks to increased job satisfaction.
But, if you institute a new training program and turnover either doesn’t improve or gets worse, that’s a warning sign. Your strategy could be ineffective and is likely harming the workplace experience. If so, that could be what’s encouraging your best and brightest to seek out opportunities elsewhere, hurting your retention metrics.

Customer Satisfaction

How your customers rate their interactions with your company can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your training. When your employees feel capable and knowledgeable, they can navigate customer questions with ease. Additionally, they can do so with confidence, increasing the quality of the interaction.

If your workforce has knowledge gaps, they typically can’t support customers as easily as they could if they were better informed. Not only may they struggle to provide correct information, but they may also feel insecure, and that can alter the quality of the interaction. If you offer training in areas that are continually being cited as an issue in customer complaints, that indicates that your program isn’t working.

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