Training Your Team in Bite-Sized Chunks Helps Retention – Here’s Why It Works So Well
Microlearning Boosts Knowledge Retention - How Can Clarity Consultants Help?

For many employees, spending hours on end reviewing massive training modules isn’t an effective way to learn. Fatigue can set in surprisingly quickly, causing them to lose focus and struggle with knowledge retention. Additionally, since they may not put everything they learned to work right away, retention can tumble even further.

Luckily, there is a better way. By training your team in bite-sized chunks – an approach referred to as microlearning – you can boost knowledge retention. If you are wondering how microlearning can increase your training effectiveness, here’s what you need to know.

Why Microlearning Boosts Knowledge Retention

Microlearning is a training approach that breaks complex topics down into bite-sized chunks. Typically, each module focuses on a single concept, allowing it to take center stage for the entire lesson. The method is highly digestible, as it doesn’t veer off on tangents.

With microlearning, it is easier to concentrate on the subject at hand. The approach also ensures learner expectations are managed, as each module is clearly designed with a singular goal in mind.

Additionally, the microlearning approach ensures that each module is short. Since you’re only presenting a single topic, most modules can be completed in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This allows learners to pause once they’ve covered a subject with greater ease, giving them a chance to digest what they’ve learned.

Similarly, the shorter courses are easier to fit into busy schedules. This ensures that training doesn’t feel like an unmanageable burden but a simple task that fits into a traditional workday without undue hardship.

Further, microlearning can present more opportunities for employees to take action based on what they’ve learned. Since they pick up a single skill or piece of knowledge at a time, they can put that one thing into practice, allowing them to cement it in their minds before moving on to the next topic.

Finally, microlearning makes repetition easy for those who need it. If an employee is having trouble with a topic, they don’t have to repeat a lengthy multi-topic module to spend more time exploring the one subject they are working on nailing. Instead, they can repeat the shorter, highly focused microlearning module instead, making repetition more efficient.

Are You Ready to Incorporate Microlearning into Your Training Program?

Ultimately, microlearning is an effective training approach. It’s time-efficient and highly digestible, boosting knowledge retention, all while reducing the strain that can come with adding training into a busy schedule.

If you need support from L&D experts to incorporate microlearning into your training program, Clarity Consultants is here to help you reach your goals. Clarity has over a quarter of a century of experience in the L&D field, giving you access to experts that can make updating your learning approach a breeze. Plus, the Clarity team are your go-to candidate search allies, enabling you to secure the L&D talent you need quickly.

If you need standout L&D pros who can implement a microlearning approach, Clarity Consultants wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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