Top 10 Infographics for L&D
[feat-img-left] Infographics—they’re everywhere. From uncovering sugar consumption in the U.S. to revealing the psychology of colors; infographics run the gamut of subject matter. So what about the field of L&D? We rounded up what we think are the top 10 infographics:
  1. What is Social Learning? Skillsoft created a concise overview of social learning—helpful to hand to colleagues who are unfamiliar with the concept.
  2. Myers-Briggs Type and Social Media. Assessment company CPP looks at Myers-Briggs types and how they correlate with social media platforms. For example, you’re more likely to find extroverts on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. How to Become a Mobile App Developer. spells out the steps to becoming a mobile app developer, and which schools offer degrees in the field.
  4. What Does It Take to Create Effective eLearning? How many hours does it take to create an eLearning course? LeanForward has the answers broken down by skill set.
  5. Mixing Business with Gamification. TemboSocial shows how taking elements from computer gaming and integrating them into your business can promote engagement, productivity, and retention.
  6. Motivating Employees in the Workplace. Engaging infographic that explains how employees are motivated. (Hint: it’s not carrots).
  7. The True Cost of One Hour of Learning. eLearning developer LeanForward has calculated the true cost of one hour of learning in this colorful graphic. Keep handy to share with line managers who want it done yesterday.
  8. The Rise of Mobile Learning. A comprehensive infographic from Voxy that shows the evolution of educational technology.
  9. How Long Does It Take to Become an Expert? A fun look at how long it takes to achieve expert status in a variety of fields, ranging from astrophysics to yoga.
  10. How On-the-Job Training Boosts Employee Morale. Need help justifying the effectiveness of L&D? Mindflash has created a graphic that succinctly displays how training is linked to employee morale.
These are our top ten infographics for L&D…..what ones did we miss? Tell us in comments!
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