Tomorrow’s Industries are Looking for Effective Succession Management
When it comes to business, change is one of the only constants. The approaches and practices of yesterday are not guaranteed to work tomorrow, and successful companies understand that being adaptable is a key to not just surviving, but thriving. While organizations may spend a significant amount of time and resources on developing new products or services, or honing their existing offerings, other aspects of the business are just as critical for long-term success, including succession management and organizational development. Crafting a dynamic organization where leaders can continue to advance, and employees are developed to step into their place is a must in today’s business world. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to secure the highly skilled, talented managers your business needs to achieve its goals. Developing a culture that embraces succession management doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s how to get started.
Succession Management, Now!

Create a Plan for Today’s Leaders
Your current leadership team is a valuable resource. Typically, they assist with developing a strategic vision for the company, support existing organizational development initiatives, and connect those concepts with what their team can offer. While being an organizational leader often means being fairly high up on the career ladder, many managers and C-level executives have aspirations beyond their current role. By creating a succession management plan that provides them with opportunities to grow and get promoted, you entice these skilled professionals to stay with your company and strive to achieve higher levels of greatness. Once a plan is developed, make sure to share it with the leaders in your organization. This allows them to see that you believe they are capable of reaching greater heights and are willing to invest in their success, both of which can boost morale, increase productivity, and lead them to take on new challenges to further their development.
Have a Strategy for Crafting Tomorrow’s Leaders
No organizational leader is guaranteed to stay forever. Some may choose to start their own companies, take a promotion outside the business, or retire from the industry. This means you will inevitably have to replace your leadership team over time. And, by developing your employees to meet that need, you can create an effective succession management plan. Begin by identifying talented top performers who also have values that align with your company’s broader vision. Often, these team members will be intrinsically motivated to succeed and invested in your organization’s success on a more personal level. Consider where their skills and abilities could take them if they are given access to professional development opportunities. Then, find ways to invest in that process, allowing you to mold your company’s leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, share your long-term goals and initiatives with those who show potential and provide them with clear expectations regarding these opportunities. This allows you to craft a culture focused on organizational development, enabling the best and brightest employees to elevate the company to new heights.
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