The Hidden Dangers of Ignoring Your Trainees’ Digital Conditioning
It’s no surprise to see that the world has gone digital. Across almost every industry, region, and work function, technology has had a very real impact on the way people interact with each other and with content.  This is called digital conditioning, and it speaks to the way we have become so accustomed to the digital world in our lives as consumers, but in many ways our interactions with technology at work are behind the curve. This is especially true when it comes to learning and development. When your trainees are stuck viewing outdated learning content and formats, their experience as a consumer has conditioned them to expect more from that experience. Here is a look at the hidden dangers of ignoring that digital conditioning and not meeting expectations of your trainees.
The Status Quo is No Longer Enough
It’s no longer good enough for companies to rely exclusively on traditional print and instructor-led learning formats. Companies who refuse to innovate digitally will inevitably be disrupted to their disadvantage. Those who continue to rely only on the traditional, outdated learning methodologies and technologies will lose talent and market share and will eventually lose out to competitors.
Learning Goes Mobile
Whether it fits our traditional concept of learning or not, mobile learning is becoming more and more important. Whether completely replacing or acting as a supplemental tool for learning content, mobile learning is here to stay and will continue to evolve. L&D professionals can either embrace it or allow the opportunity to pass them by.
Artificial Intelligence Will Be Key
Whether we are aware of it or not, AI is increasingly becoming a more influential part of our lives. It is changing how we shop, how we communicate, how we obtain information, and how our learning programs are built. Companies should not underestimate the impact of AI in the L&D space. It provides the intuitive and customized learning experiences that have proven to be more successful in the modern age.
Acknowledge that Keeping Up With Everything May Be Impossible
While users are consuming technology in new and different ways every day, it’s clear that the world of L&D is struggling to keep up. While the L&D industry continues to react with new innovative models, technology, and tools, it will become increasingly harder to capture learner behavior and sentiment in a meaningful way. That makes staying ahead of the curve very difficult, so it might just be best for companies to focus their efforts on one or two experimental formats and stick to the tried and true formats until they are reliably replaced with something else. Being able to adapt is important, but you can’t adapt to everything and still deliver consistent value to employees.
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