What Can the L&D Industry Learn From AI?
Artificial intelligence has taken the business world by storm, driving dramatic transformations in every industry from manufacturing to retail. The L&D industry is no different. Here are 3 ways that AI can help L&D experts accomplish bigger and better things in an age of digital transformation.
What Can We Learn From Artificial Intelligence?
1. It’s All About the Data
Artificial intelligence is valuable in a business sense because it allows users to do more with fewer resources. It enables users to identify important trends and forecast key movements in their line of work. For learning and development, that all comes down to cost savings and learning outcomes. While it takes human minds a great deal of time to analyze large collections of data for those important trends and signifiers, a well coded AI can find them in seconds. That saved time means that important decisions can be made faster and can better support the business as a whole.
2. Business Intelligence in the Palm of Our Hands
While the term AI still brings to mind images of robots and computers making decisions completely independent of a human master,  we’re already at a point where big data, communications, chatbots, and automation are an intrinsic part of our lives. We carry palm-sized computers in our pockets, and it’s only common sense to imagine how we can be using that wealth of technology to help us make better and quicker business decisions. AI can help L&D professionals predict what content types and what course length will be most effective with a specific group or demographic. It can provide technical support or even act as a trainee given the right parameters. Think of how your L&D strategy would benefit from automation or more accurate forecasting. The difference can be substantial.
3. Smarter Systems Means Better Programs
Once you get past the difference of AI-powered learning programs, it’s clear that better, and smarter software systems can make a real impact, with many quietly doing so under the radar of users. Unlike human experts, AI systems will work diligently through the night, into the weekend, on any task you set before them. While it’s important to recognize that certain work makes sense to offload to a computer counterpart, there is still a critical role for those L&D experts who truly understand the world in which they work. While AI may replace some jobs, the opportunity of the future lies in understanding how to use them to the best of their ability. This leaves us in an environment where learning moves from a restricted and corporate driven activity, to one where it happens as a natural part of the work. Employees are empowered and capable of learning more by themselves, supported by the advances in learning programs and AI, and are provided with the resources they need to achieve their learning goals. The new role for L&D then becomes more of encouraging, enabling, and supporting self-organized learning.
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