Some Companies Offered More Employee Training During the Shutdown. Here’s What They Found

When COVID-19 led to widespread shelter-in-place orders, fundamentally altering the business world, many companies shifted their focus away from employee training. Businesses were concerned about staying fundamentally operational and ensuring newly telecommuting employees were able to handle their duties.

Now, as the economy continues to reopen and may core work-from-home mechanisms are in place, some companies are refocusing on training. They are using training to boost employee capabilities, both in general and in preparation for a possible COVID-19 resurgence.

While it may seem like relaunching an employee training program shouldn’t be a priority, many companies that have are experiencing notable benefits. If you are wondering what training could do for your business, here’s what you need to know.

During the Shutdown – Training Impacted These 3 Areas for the Better

Morale and Engagement Boosts

To put it simply, COVID-19 has been – and may continue to be for quite some time – stressful. It’s in the back of every employee’s mind thanks to the prolonged news coverage and unending discussions on social media. Additionally, for employees working from home or with children learning remotely, the fact that the world has changed is abundantly clear.

While it may seem like employee training would introduce a new stressor, that isn’t always the case. Instead, courses can give professionals something healthy to focus on, presenting then with a beneficial challenge and the chance for a psychological win. Plus, many people enjoy boosting their capabilities, giving them a sense of accomplishment while making them feel increasingly capable.

Plus, training options encourage professionals to focus on something other than information about the pandemic. It can serve as a mental break, which is important.

Higher Retention Rates

Offering professional development opportunities has long been associated with higher retention rates. Since filling positions can be incredibly challenging due to the pandemic, seizing every chance available to keep your best and brightest on staff is a must.

By providing your employees with training, you are showing that you’re willing to invest in them during difficult times. It gives them peace of mind during a period where many aspects of life feel daunting or as if they have little control. That reassurance breeds loyalty, something that will boost retention now and well after the pandemic is no longer a threat.

Upskilling Opportunities

Recruitment during the pandemic is difficult to manage. If your goal was to find a new hire to close a skill gap, that might not come to fruition quickly in the current climate.

However, if you re-embrace employee training, hiring may be less necessary. You can upskill your existing workforce, allowing you to address skill gaps internally instead of externally.

Are You Ready to Relaunch Your Employee Training Program?

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