Ready for Generation “Next”?

Your current team will not be your “forever team.” Co-workers, colleagues, and even supervisors come and go with time. It’s important to recognize that even though your team might seem mission critical, there will inevitably come a time when you have to dive into the talent pool and select some more eager workers to help you do business. Are you ready to onboard, nurture, and let the next generation of talent drive your success? Here are a few things you should know about the latest additions to the job market.

Don’t Fear the Millennials

Millennial workers are a notoriously tricky breed to work with. Too often, they are dismissed as overly self-centered or entitled. This is not the case. The millennial generation was raised in a time of general peace and prosperity, particularly in the U.S., and this has given them the opportunity to focus on their professional development in more creative or innovative ways than past generations. While some employers are still focused on creating a traditional workplace for an older generation, this can create a bit of an awkward fit for many recent graduates.

Millennials tend to appreciate being included in the decision-making processes, being offered flexible work options, and are motivated by more than the standard compensation packages. They know their value and that if one workplace isn’t able to recognize their talent and respond to their unique needs, another company will be. That young talent, unique skill set, and youthful energy is in high demand across multiple verticals. To incorporate that young blood into your team, think about how you can attract and retain a generation focused on being the rockstars they know themselves to be.

Watch Out for Generation Z

Generation Z is defined as the group of individuals born after the mid 90s, and they are the next generational wave to hit the workforce. Employers may have just started to understand the needs of the millennial workforce, and now the thought of needing to recruit an even newer group of workers can be a lot to wrap your head around. But Generation Z will be working for you before you know it.

As the Generation Z attitude and lifestyle is influenced by the events and culture of their time, understanding this new workforce is an important goal of employers interested in staying current with the times. If you thought the millennials were a disruptive bunch, look out for these guys. Generation Z kids grew up surrounded by the latest technological trends and devices. They use their smartphones more than desktop computers, watch the least amount of TV per day of the past four generations, and are hyper aware of advertising (often going out of their way to avoid it). They are drawn towards the latest gadgets and prefer cool products over cool experiences. They create the culture they thrive in, having an entrepreneurial spirit about the ways and means to have their voices heard.

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