Obstacles Your Organization Can Overcome with the Right Learning and Communications Strategy
Having reliable communication is crucial for any organization. Without a sound strategy, information siloes can develop. Plus, without a solid framework to follow, employees may turn to different communication channels, increasing the odds that vital information is accidentally overlooked or that stalls in information sharing harm productivity or output quality. Fortunately, it’s possible to navigate many of these issues by using the proper learning and communications strategy. Here’s a look at everyday struggles that many companies face and how to manage them.

Generational and Cultural Differences

In some cases, a core reason for communication struggles involves generational or cultural differences. For larger organizations, there could be language barriers that make clear communication challenging. Similarly, generational preferences regarding how to share information or engage in discourse could lead to disconnects or frustration. Ideally, your best bet for addressing these issues is a combination of training and strategy. Ideally, you want to educate your workforce about one another, allowing them to understand why specific channels may be favored by others. That can create a culture that’s built on acceptance and compassion. After that, create a structure for various communications. For instance, outline which kinds of conversations are best suited for different situations and have employees align their approach with that framework to get everyone on the same page.

Technology Barriers and Remote Work

In some cases, technology creates communication barriers. Not all employees are as comfortable with certain devices or platforms as they are with alternatives, causing them to favor some and avoid others. A lack of familiarity can make using those systems intimidating or may increase the number of mistakes along the way. Remote work can also hinder communication. The physical distance means there aren’t opportunities to quickly pop in for a conversation. Additionally, employees may have trouble figuring out when people are available or how to reach out if a matter is urgent. By offering training, you can eliminate these obstacles. You can ensure employees know how to use each platform to its fullest, increasing their confidence and skill level. Further, you can outline strategies for ensuring people can get support for urgent matters, such as turning to a particular communication channel for critical requests. Having other mechanisms in place may also help. For instance, shared calendars allow everyone to see each other’s availability, making it easier to determine when they can connect.

Do You Need to Update Your Training to Overcome Communication Issues?

By offering the right training, you have the ability to improve communication in your organization. In turn, productivity and efficiency can rise, all while creating an environment where information flows freely through various channels deemed best in specific scenarios.

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